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20 Feb 2019

China Factor in India-America Relations (1942-62)

Atul Bhardwaj

15 Feb 2019

Dummy ICS Audio

Prof. Mark Elliott

12 Feb 2019

13th GDML: The Historical Silk Road & BRI

Mark C. Elliott

07 Feb 2019

Governance of Government Middle Schools in Beijing and Delhi: Supportive Accountability, Incentives and Capacity

Yan Yifei

30 Jan 2019

Five Years of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): An Appraisal

Prabir De

18 Jan 2019

Beyond Regimes: India and China Compared by Prasenjit Duara and Elizabeth J. Perry

Shivshankar Menon, Prasenjit Duara, T G Suresh, Sonika Gupta

16 Jan 2019

The Politics of Urban Citizenship in Twentieth Century Shanghai and Mumbai

Mark Frazier

11 Jan 2019

Artist Xu Beihong and His Family in Mao's China

Xu Fangfang

09 Jan 2019

Censorship, Morality and Cultural Policy under Xi Jinping

Michel Hockx

07 Jan 2019

Beyond Hubris: India and China, Before and After Reforms

Ashwani Saith

19 Dec 2018

South Korea's 'New Southern Policy' and its Implications for India-Korea Relations: Context, Convergence and Challenges

Jojin Y. John

12 Dec 2018

Japan-Russia New Framework: will it result into conclusion of a Peace Treaty?

Shamshad Ahmad Khan

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