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Wednesday Seminars

Coterminous with the Institute, is the weekly Wednesday Seminar, which has been held uninterruptedly for the last four decades. The topics span an enormous range and attract students, experts, practitioners and laypersons alike. These seminars provide an opportunity for interested people to have access to informed discussions on various aspects of China and are ample evidence that the sections within India, which are interested in knowing and learning about China are widening and enlarging.

24 Oct 2018

A Year Since the 19th Party Congress

Avinash Godbole

Venue: Seminar Room, ICS

03 Oct 2018
26 Sep 2018

Islamisation of Xinjiang and the Need for De-radicalisation

Bhavna Singh

Venue: Seminar Room, ICS

19 Sep 2018

Foreign NGOs in China: Emerging from the Shadows

Santosh Pai

Venue: Conference Room, ICWA

12 Sep 2018

Local Environmental Governance and Industrial Development in China

Saheli Chattaraj

Venue: Seminar Room, ICS

08 Aug 2018

Xinjiang : China's window to the Silk Road?

Suhasini Haidar

Venue: Conference Room, ICWA

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