Contemporary China: Tradition and Modernity

This book is about contemporary China, relationships and negotiations between State and Society across the realm of tradition and modernity. It is an exploration of societal issues, gender issues and several other concerns, including environmental goals and the impact of religious beliefs in China. China has not only evolved in terms of its economy, but has made its mark in the world in many other ways. Becoming a global manufacturing hub, with supply chains, increasing trade and commerce, success in poverty alleviation, all have added to the success story. Contemporary China is a complex amalgamation of political ideologies which are centered on the power of the leadership and capitalism with Chinese characteristics, wherein the private sector is curtailed by political factors and controlled by the Party in various ways. Religion is also a factor which plays a role in making people aware of their traditions and philosophies, but at the same time is being used by the Party as a control mechanism. The ideologies which are being talked about by the leadership are Marxism with Chinese characteristics, socialism with Chinese characteristics and the rule of law, again with Chinese characteristics, not to forget its version of grass roots democracy and nationalism, which talks about the state for the people and people for the state. However, there is a complex relationship between the Party and society and constant negotiations are a part of the warp and weft of the Party state.

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