Andrew Batson: The blog features occasional musings and some of the writing the author does for a general audience.

Andrew S. Erickson: Blog on China's military developments.

Andrew Stokols: Focused on the environmental and social consequences of urbanization, sustainable planning, and cultural preservation in China.

Andy BestA foreigner writing on rock music in Shanghai and elsewhere in China.

Asia Health Care BlogGroup blog about the healthcare industry from pharma to hospitals to care of the elderly. Covers Asia but focused on China. Includes section on employment.

Autonomous RegionOriginal notes on Uyghur life and culture, and the situation in Xinjiang.

Beijing CreamA “dollop of China” that updates very regularly with trending videos, Internet memes, commentary and sarcasm about Chinese life and media.

Beijing Daze: Live music in Beijing.

Bezdomy ex patriaA New Zealander living in a rural area north of Beijing; see also his history of Yanqing county.

Blocked on WeiboAn archive of words and phrases that are blocked or filtered on popular Chinese microblog Sina Weibo, with each entry including an explanation of why it has been blocked, plus historical monitoring of blocking and unblocking trends.

Blood and TreasureA perceptive blog about Chinese politics and media, issues of the left and the former Communist world, current events in Britain, China and across the globe and more; can seem cryptic to the novice.

Buy Buy China: A website about Chinese consumers, the retail industry and branding.

Bytes of China: Tidbits on culture and technology in China.

CfensiCelebrity, fashion, film, television and entertainment gossip from the PRC.

Chengdu LivingOffbeat coverage of life and society in Chengdu and Sichuan.

China Accounting Blog: News and opinion on accounting in China.

China ChangeWebsite about activists that describes itself as “news and commentary from those who work for change”.

China CurrentNew English section of Chinese website dedicated to investigative reporting and commentary. 

China Daily ShowThe Onion meets China Daily: satire and spoof news.

China DialogueBilingual site about environmental issues in China, with high-quality contributions from Chinese and global journalists and activists. 

China Digital TimesBilingual site that aggregates, filters and contextualises English-language news about China, translates Chinese-language media stories, compiles the comprehensive Directives from the Ministry of Truth database of online censorship and propaganda, and maintains a glossary of Chinese Internet slang, the Grass Mud Horse Lexicon

China Economic Review: Magazine covering economics, finance and business in China.

China EconTracker: The Wall Street Journal lets you track key indicators of the Chinese economy on real time basis. Their ChinaEcontracker is a bilingual resource, letting one easily follow trends in 14 indicators (these come with simple definitions for the lay-reader). You can also combine two, to make your own chart. For those with public or class sites of their own, the WSJ enables you to embed the tool there. This link is essential for any China watcher with an interest in economics. 

China FileChina File publishes commentary, discussions, articles and archival materials on a huge range of China issues in a range of multimedia forms. The site pulls together a huge variety of materials and writings by leading China scholars.

China Hearsay: Commentary on Chinese legal affairs and business by Beijing-based lawyer Stan Abrams.

China in AfricaA blog by author and scholar Deborah Brautigam, documenting and often providing an on-the-ground perspective to China’s political and commercial involvement with Africa.

China in WW2: Started as part of the book project, 'Shanghai 1937', the site documents the developments in China during its conflict with Japan from 1931-45. It specialises in collating instances of popular imagery like Coca-Cola advertisements from 1932 and 1937. The battle of Nanjing gets a detailed narrative. 

China Labour BulletinResearch, analysis and commentary on the Chinese labor market and labor rights issues.

China Law Blog: Regular, engaging, detailed and practical commentary and expert insight into Chinese law and doing business in China. 

China Media ProjectTranslation, analysis and commentary on Chinese media, media policy, censorship and journalism run out of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. 

China Medical News: Maintained by Sydney-based medical journalist, Micheal Woodhead, it provides regular updates on the current developments in medicine-related governance in China, with an emphasis on biomedicine. 

China Oil Trader: In-depth analysis of the oil trade in the world’s second thirstiest nation.

China PLA: Insights into military developments and PLA.

China Policy Institute: The blog provides a platform for commentary and analysis on current events in China and East Asia. It aims to provide multiple perspectives from academics and practitioners across the globe.

China Power: ChinaPower examines five interrelated categories of Chinese power: military, economic, technological, social, and international image.

China Real Time: Offers insight and analysis from Dow Jones reporters across Greater China and also draws on the insights of commentators in law, policy, economics and culture.

China Rhyming: The blog of Midnight in Peking author Paul French, self-described as a ‘gallimaufry of random China history and research interests’.

ChinaChange:  It is a website devoted to news and commentary related to civil society, rule of law, and rights activities in China. It works with China’s democracy advocates to bring their voices into English and to help the rest of the world understand what people are thinking and doing to effect change in China.

China Film Insider: China Film Insider reports on and writes about the people and companies making movies trying to help bridge the gaps in understanding between China, the United States, and the rest of the world.

ChinaMan: An Indian view of Sino-Indian relations, and Chinese politics and foreign policy.

ChinaScope: Gathers, translates, and periodically analyzes news and documents which are inaccessible to the non-Chinese world. It also runs a bi-monthly journal Chinascope. In the section titled 'Hot Issues' the site tracks the topics that are attracting the most discussion at any time. 

ChinaSMACKTranslations of popular stories and postings from the Chinese Internet, together with summaries and translations of user comments. 

Chinese Posters: A platform for the presentation of authentic documentary and historical information without the aim to propagate or dispute any political views.

Chinese Law Prof Blog: Analysis and articles on Chinese legal issues by law professor Donald C. Clarke.

Chuǎng: Chuǎng analyzes the ongoing development of capitalism in China, its historical roots, and the revolts of those crushed beneath it.

Chublic Opinion: Public Opinion with Chinese characteristics. A weekly digest of events that are shaping public opinion in China. represents an attempt to question some of today’s understandings and certainties about China. The people behind the platform strive to offer the readers those ‘mismatched shards of china’ that have been collected through their personal engagement with the country. At, the attempt is to lay bare the challenging processes involved in constructing knowledge about China, with the awareness that (T)truth will remain a mere chimera. In addition to China-related essays, Chinoiresie is home to Made in China: A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights and the Litte Red Podcast. 

Cross Border Journal: Offers insight into on cross-border trade and development.

East by Southeast: Blog about connections between China and Southeast Asia.

Ethnic China Lit: Writings by and about non-Han Chinese.

Eyes on China Project: A group of photographers documenting the world's most populated country.

Global Voices: ChinaCollaborative global blog and translation aggregator; the China section is a useful source of links to news stories about China and also publishes translations of Chinese Internet reports and interesting social commentary.

GreatFire.orgMonitoring of Chinese Internet censorship and tools to avoid and analyze it.

Hidden Harmonies: The blog's motto is to ‘seek out Chinese perspectives, smart perspectives, and translations of Chinese perspectives from around world’.

High Peaks Pure Earth: Blog by Tibetan poetess Woeser.

Indolaysia: Covers political economy, comparative politics, research methods, current Southeast Asian affairs, and travel.

Jing Daily: Interviews, articles and news about luxury products, marketing and business in China.

Jonah Kessel: New York Times visual journalist posting photos and videos of China and elsewhere, including exotic locations such as Socotra, Yemen.

Kung Fu Tea: While the posts largely focus on the academic study of the Chinese martial arts, on occassions, it delves into lighter topics like current events, movies or martial arts in the news.

LARB's China Channel: Los Angeles Review of Books’ China Channel, hopes to provide a more complete picture of China bringing to life Chinese culture, society and history in all its addictive complexity. Plenty of reviews, of books both from and about China, as well as short ‘staff picks’ of books from the archive that deserve a second look. A separate Book Club feature, at the beginning of each month, will see publication of a Chinese story, followed by invitation to readers to write in with questions and comments that we compile and respond to. Original essays delve into lesser-explored corners of Chinese society and history, from graffiti in modern Beijing to the Orientalist ballet that torpedoed Sino-Soviet relations. Not only looking at China’s politics and economics, but also its comic books, crossdressers and philosophy, new memes and hidden histories - Taking ‘China’ to mean more than just the PRC, but to encompass the broader sinosphere and Chinese diaspora.

Law and Border: Visas and the law for foreigners living in China and emigrating Chinese.

Liuzhou Laowai: Regular notes from an Englishman who has been living in Liuzhou, Guangxi, since 1999.

Maosuit: A thorough rundown of fashion, high end brands and couture in China with plenty of photos, commentary and interviews by industry insider Timothy Coghlan.

Marco Polo Project: The Marco Polo Project publishes a selection of essays, fiction and other writings from established and emerging Chinese writers, submitted and translated by website’s users. 

MacroPoloMacroPolo, is an initiative of the in-house think tank of the Paulson Institute at the University of Chicago, by a dedicated team of experienced observers and seasoned analysts. By creating relevant and accessible research on China’s political economy and examining the multifaceted economic linkages between the United States and China, the digital platform aims to provide a nuanced and balanced portrait of China’s economy

Merics: MERICS analyses the political, economic, social, technological and ecological developments in China, and the corresponding global impacts. 

Michael Pettis’ China Financial Market: A highly-respected blog on topics related to financial markets and the economy.

Minerva Initiative: The goal of the Minerva Initiative is to improve DoD's basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the U.S.

Ministry of Tofu: Translations, commentary and photo compilations from Chinese social media and news articles.

My China Kanfa: An old fashioned personal blog by an American about Chinese culture, business, society, and being married into a Chinese family.

North Korea in the World: North Korea in the World is a joint pilot project of the East-West Center and the National Committee on North Korea. It was created to provide researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the general public with easily-accessible information on the external diplomatic and economic relations of North Korea (formally known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or DPRK).

NiuBBall: Perhaps the only focused resource for English speakers interested in Chinese professional basketball.

Offbeat China: Stories and insights from the Chinese internet.

Paper Republic Blog: The blog of an online resource for translators, writers and publishers of translated Chinese fiction. 

Peking DuckBy Richard Burger, author of a book on Sex in China, the Peking Duck is a stalwart of the China blogging community.

PhonemicaPhonemica is a crowd-sourced archive of recordings and transcriptions of stories told in Chinese dialects and regional accents. 

Science of Politics: Focuses on Chinese urbanization and development.

Shanghaiist: Less a blog about Shanghai and more an aggregator of interesting, scandalous and sensationalist China news. 

Shanghai STREET STORIESPhotographs and stories in Shanghai, capturing the lives of ordinary Shanghainese and 外地人 ("waidiren"/foreigners) in the city, as well as the process behind the city's rapid urbanization.

Sino-NK: A scholarly collective of young Sinologists and Koreanists dedicated to documenting and analyzing the borderland dynamics, transnational ties, and history of Northeast Asia.

Sinosplice: Run by John Pasden with consistently interesting postings on the Chinese language, contemporary Chinese society, and life in Shanghai and China.

Sinostand: Detailed and sharp reports and analysis on news, politics, culture and business from Eric Fish, an American Economic Observer journalist who is also on Twitter.

Sixth Tone: This blog covers issues from the perspectives of those most intimately involved to highlight the nuances and complexities of today’s China.

South Sea Conversations: The blog provides a window into the conversations taking place within China regarding the country’s South China Sea territorial and maritime disputes.

Stylites: Blog documenting street fashion and industry news in Beijing and beyond.

Supreme People’s Court Monitor: Tracks developments of China’s highest court of law.

Tea Leaf NationTea Leaf Nation is an online magazine featuring stories and translations from Chinese social media. 

Tech in Asia: China: China section of an Asia tech industry blog providing a stream of news on the business of hardware, Internet, mobile, apps and gaming in China. 

Technode: Bilingual coverage of Internet and tech industry news.

the Anthill: The blog is a writers colony of narrative stories about China, edited from Beijing by Alec Ash, publishing non-fiction sketches, fiction, poetry, translation and photography. 

The Hong Kong History Project: The project aims to encourage and facilitate the study of the history of Hong Kong in the UK, and to build collaborations with partners in Hong Kong, specifically in terms of collaboration between the University of Bristol and the University of Hong Kong.

The NanfangStories and translations about urban life in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan.

The Useless Tree: Run by Sam Crane, a professor of Chinese philosophy at Williams College, Massachusetts. The posts mix ancient Chinese writings with contemporary internal politics to produce insightful readings of today's China. 

看不见的西藏Blog by Tibetan poetess Woeser.

乔良的博客: Blog by PLAAF Col Qiao Liang.

Women and Gender in China: Launched in September 2017, WAGIC is a collaborative blog project that aims to provide a dedicated and accessible space for commentary about all aspects of gender, sexuality and feminism(s) in China (incl. contested parts thereof), past and present. Each month they publish a series of original blogs focused on a single theme. 



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