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The library and its facilities are available to the members, Ph.D. scholars and students of universities in India, research scholars, and others who are interested in accessing information related to China and East Asia.

The books in the Library are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification scheme and catalogued online into machine-readable form with all bibliographic details. The Library is a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network), which has more than one million records of books available in machine readable form. The Library is automated and networked in order to provide efficient reference service to its members.


The library of the institute has a specialized collection on foreign relations with an emphasis on Contemporary China and East Asia. It also has personal collections of Tan ChungHuang I-shuC V Ranganathan, G P Deshpande, Patricia Uberoi, Giri Deshingkar, Satish Saberwal and Mira Sinha Bhattacharjea. In 2001, the ICS was honoured by the donation of the personal collection of books of the late Prof. Gordon White, presented by his wife, Prof. Barbara Harriss- White.

Apart from routine procurement, the library makes a special effort to procure research publications, serials and official publications brought out by research organizations, international organizations and the central and provincial governments in China.


The Library has a selected collection of about 6,000 accessioned books including books, monographs, workshop papers, proceedings of conferences, statistical serials in the field of contemporary Chinese, politics, economic development, foreign policy, energy, environment, sociology, social anthropology, gender, health, etc.  The Library also collects white papers issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Beside this, the ICS Library has a huge collection of books in the Chinese language.   


More than 20 subscribed journals with their back issues are available. Additionally, the ICS receives 15 journals in exchanges. The library exchanges the Institute’s research output and publications (including its journal, China Report) with similar institutions in India and abroad. 


The ICS Library provides several services such as the online information retrieval and dissemination of information through the Internet, e-mail and CD-ROM databases. Other services include selective dissemination of information (SDI)/ current awareness service (CAS), inter-library loan, reference services, circulation services, and reprographic services.

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