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ICS Advisory Board's Roles and responsibilities 


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The ICS Advisory Board is designed to

  • increase ICS visibility nationally and internationally
  • provide policy-oriented inputs to the ICS, new directions and ideas
  • connect and network ICS into sources of funding and projects
  • provide an overview of global trends which could further the ICS mission
  • collectively draw from and integrate views across government, industry, academia and civil society


The ICS Advisory Board members

  • will comprise of distinguished individuals of eminence and leaders in a particular field with cross-sectoral influence and national/international reach
  • will be invited to join by Chairman of the Advisory Board, in consultation with the Chairperson of the ICS
  • will be drawn from both Indians and non-Indians (if need be)
  • need not necessarily comprise only those with China experience/knowledge
  • will not involve themselves in the actual running of the ICS
  • will only make recommendations not decisions, but whose role will be to increase the visibility and credibility of ICS in the wider arena
  • will comprise of at least 6 individuals in addition to the Chairman. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the ICS Governing Council, the ICS Director, and the Convenor of the Advisory Board will attend as ex-officio members.
  • will not receive an honorarium or emoluments of any sort
  • will meet--at a minimum--once a year. 


The Chairperson of the ICS Advisory Board

  • will be an eminent Indian personality who is highly respected in global and national circles for his/her achievements and values
  • will have had deep experience of China

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