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India and China: Perceptions and Engagements

Perceptions and engagements have an iterative relationship, with each influencing the other, so that the dynamic is evolving all the time. This provides a rich field for research within and across several disciplines, wherein perceptions can be measured, explained and even altered. Some of the dimensions covered include film, theatre, literature, calligraphy, museology and art or civilisation, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, India/China diaspora, history, science, innovation, business, media, politics. The exploration of the boundaries of perceptions and engagements, as also their compositions and mechanics of operation, provide an opportunity for ICS to engage with the lay public in both countries, and to widen the awareness and depth of knowledge of people in each country about the other.


Completed Projects

Encyclopedia of India-China Cultural Contacts 

Prof. Sabaree Mitra, JNU, Honorary Fellow, ICS and Chairperson, Expert Committee, Encyclopedia project 

Prof. Madhavi ThampiUniversity of Delhi and Honorary Fellow, ICS

Prof. Kamal Sheel, Banaras Hindu University

Prof. Arttatrana Nayak, Visva Bharati

The objective of the project was to bring the history of many centuries of India-China cultural contacts into the public domain, making it easily accessible to people of both the countries. In order to reinforce the approach of "connected histories" and to locate encounters and linkages that have facilitated the mutual enrichment and growth of the two cultures and societies. Read more







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