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印外长再批尼赫鲁:他那时讲“印度第二,中国第一”-观察者网 Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar Criticises Nehru’s China Policy Again: “Nehru Said, ‘India second, China first’”

This report (dated 3 April 2024) attracted over 160,000 viewers clicks within hours of its publication – an unusually high number for a news report about India-China relations in the columns of Observer Network (guancha.cn) – a popular digital news/current affairs platform in Chinese.

ChatGPT “狂飙”,如何“迎战”?怎样“问责”?Encountering ChatGPT “Hurricane”: How to Make it “Accountable”? Part - II

Holden Thorp, Editor-in-Chief for Science, wrote an article on 26 January. The article pointed out that when it comes to Science as a field, the term originality is enough to signify that copying from ChatGPT is not acceptable, it is equivalent to plagiarism using ChatGPT. ChatGPT is facing regulations at various levels by the education departments of the US, France, and Australia. Using ChatGPT in government-run schools by students and teachers is regarded as “cheating” and hence its usage is prohibited. Some people have developed a software called GPTZero, which decides whether the text is AI-generated by analysing its complexity and abruptness, thus employing AI to defeat AI.

Wu Xinbo: ‘Easing’ or ‘Improving’ Sino-US Relations?

At the invitation of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited the United States from October 26 to 28.

Bid to setup groundwork for Blinken, a US State Department Senior official makes a low-key visit to China. Is US having a change of heart and ‘seeking peace’?

Rick Waters, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Coordinator at the newly established Office of China Coordination (“China House”) in the US State Department, visited China last week. He carried out in-depth exchanges with representatives from business and academic circles in Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing including others, reported Global Times on 27 March. Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post cited experts and wrote that the visit is part of the “working-level communication” between China and the US. This is the first visit to China by a high-ranking US official since last December. During his trip, Waters intended to seek opinion from Chinese representatives, in order to prepare for a possible visit by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to China.

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