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Chinese Economy Research Programme

Initiated in 1999, the Chinese Economy Research Programme (CERP) focuses on the ongoing economic development and modernization in China, its international trade and Sino-Indian economic relations. The CERP helps researchers, decision makers and practitioners to better understand the economic challenges, transitions and trajectories of Chinese economy. ICS is involved in a number of independent and credible researches on China’s economic landscape, its development experiences within China as well as at the sub-regional, regional and global level.

By providing thorough and balanced policy inputs, CERP serves to bridge the gap between leaders and researchers from both countries and to facilitate better communication on economic issues between the two countries. Moreover, the program also aims to build capacity among Indian researchers to connect them with the Institute’s network of like-minded experts from both countries. While we continue to laboriously build and stock this research vertical in the long-term, we have also been having seminars as well as publications in the short-term. There were several publications and seminars held on the theme through the year.

With the aim of reinvigorating the programme with growing interest in the rise of Chinese economy, we are in the process of getting on board economists and policymakers, with a China focus, and undertake collaborative research projects.


The Planning Process in China – A Planning Commission Project 

Doing Business in China Workshop at Indian Institute of Management, Indore 


  • Affordable Housing for Workers in Shenzhen (1988-2019)

Reeja Nair, Research Associate, ICS

A research project on ‘Affordable Housing for Workers in Shenzhen (1988-2019)’ is being carried out by our Research Associate, Dr. Reeja Nair. Under this project, a Wednesday Seminar titled ‘Migrant Workers’ Housing in Shenzhen: Issue and Challenges’ was organized on 13 October, 2020. She also received the China-India Visiting Fellowship of the Ashoka University for 2020-21 to conduct her research.

  • WTO, trade remedies and the Chinese Industry 
  • Economic Co-operation in BCIM Region
  • China’s Market Economy Status and its Implication for Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


Induction Programme 

Training and immersion programs for executives (public and private enterprises) in collaboration with Academic Staff College of India, Hyderabad.

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