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Routledge India

Commercialisation of Medical Care in China:Changing Landscapes

Rama V Baru and Madhurima Nundy | Sep 2019

This topical book will be useful to scholars and researchers of Chinese studies, Chinese economy, public health, health management, social health and medicine, medical sociology, sociology, political economy, public policy and public administration as well as policymakers and practitioners.


China at a Turning Point: Perspectives after the 19th Party Congress

Manoranjan Mohanty | Feb 2019

The People’s Republic of China under the leadership of Xi Jinping is undergoing rapid changes at the present time. The nature of these changes was evident during the 19th Party Congress of 2017 and unfolded swiftly thereafter. This volume, produced by a group of 25 China experts of India associated with ICS, offers a detailed examination of Xi Jinping’s initiatives in the context of what was proclaimed as a ‘new era’.

Sage Publications

China: A 5000-Year Odyssey

Tan Chung | Jul 2018

In this endearing book on China, ICS Emeritus Fellow, Tan Chung distills tons of information about China’s historical evolution and complex vicissitudes in a freewheeling style, advocating that China is a “civilization country” that has existed for more than two millennia but the nation-state world interrupted the Chinese odyssey for many centuries.

Higher Education in India and China: Select Perspectives

Sreemati Chakrabarti | Apr 2018

This is a study of the higher education scene in India and China in the era of globalization. The Chapters focus on the transformation that has taken place in the last three decades in India and China when they have attempted to boost and promote higher education to match their developmental efforts.

Mountain Warfare and the Indian Army

Gautam Das | Feb 2018

The book predicts about the most likely next theaters of war for India which are its northern and north-western mountain frontiers. These disputed borders with china, and the perpetually tense 'NO WAR ON PEACE' and simmering low intensity perpetual war situation with Pakistan along the line of control (LOC) and the so-called Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL), are physically held on to by India at great cost in men and material. A constant heavy military deployment on these mountain borders has become the norm for India.

SAGE Publications

China’s Transformation: The Success Story and the Success Trap

Manoranjan Mohanty | Nov 2017

The book provides insights into the economic and social transformation that China has undergone from 1979 to the present.

China and its Neighbourhood: Perspectives from India and Vietnam

Jabin T Jacob and Hoang The Anh | Sep 2017

This volume is an attempt to develop a more nuanced understanding of China`s foreign, security and economic policies by bringing together perspectives from two of its most important neighbours, India and Vietnam.

Xinjiang and the Chinese State: Violence in the Reform Era

Debasish Chaudhuri | Aug 2017

This book focuses on the nature of ethno-national conflicts and impacts of ideological orientation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) towards the national question in the context of Han nationalism and political, economic and security policies towards Xinjiang. Violence in Xinjiang since the mid-1990s is projected as one of the major national security challenges for China, along with issues pertaining to Tibet and Taiwan.

Orient Blackswan

Exploring Emergent Global Thresholds Towards 2030

Manoranjan Mohanty and Richard A. Falk and Victor Faessel | Apr 2017

Our current era can be described as the beginning of a new, historical phase of the ‘Anthropocene’age, where humans are becoming increasingly conscious of the effects of their actions on nature,culture, and human relationships. As the first section shows, this realisation is acquiring greater significance in current development discourse and policymaking, particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The fate of the human species rests on a sustainable collaboration with nature, as is apparent by the impact of climate change on food, energy, and water.

Penguin Publications

Choices: Inside the Making of India's Foreign Policy

Shivshankar Menon | Nov 2016

Shivshankar Menon gives an insider’s account of the negotiations, discussions and assessments that went into the making of five pivotal choices in India’s recent history. These include the decision not to use overt military force against Pakistan after 26/11; the civil nuclear deal with the United States; the border agreement with China; the response to the last months of Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war; and the thinking that underlay India’s No First Use nuclear policy. Drawing on his long and distinguished career as a diplomat holding critical positions in India’s external affairs ministry and in the prime minister’s office, Menon considers each situation against the backdrop of India’s evolving definition of her place in the changing global landscape.

Chindia Publications

Manas Publications

Diplomacy at the Cutting Edge

Kishan S Rana | Dec 2015

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