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Research Methods in International Relations Workshop Day 1

20 Apr 2020
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Time: 2:00 AM

Dr. Rityusha Mani Tiwary, Visiting Fellow, ICS held the Research Methods in International Relations Lectures on 20,21 and 23 rd April 2020. The Lectures focused on three themes: Introduction to Methods in IR, Integrating Methods in IR and East Asian and Chinese IR. The lectures touched upon various sub-themes such as the difference between Theory and Methodology/Political Methodology, evolution of Methodology in IR, Area Studies and Comparative Area Studies : Distinction, theory and method, Methods of contemporary China studies, International Political Economy,  Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research, Policy Research and experiments in International Relations.

The lectures had a special focus on China, whereby East Asian IR Theories, Chinese IR Theories and the essentials in research on China and theory simulation were discussed.

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