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Brij Tankha is fromerly Professor of Modern Japanese History, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi. He is also the former Director and currently Honorary Fellow and Coordinator, East Asia Programme, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.

Dr. Tankha's research interest in Japan revolves around the nature and character of Japanese nationalism and how this was shaped in the late 19th and 20th centuries. He has examined the ideas of such diverse thinkers such as Kita Ikki, Kotoku Shusui, Okakura Tenshin, Minakata Kumagusu in pursuing this question. He is also interested in Japan’s complicated relationship within the Asian region, particularly with China and India and what is called Pan-Asianism. Dr.Tankha also has an interest in contemporary Japan’s international policies and relations within Asia.


Review of Pico Iyer's book: A Beginners Guide to Japan: Observations and Provocations
24 Nov 2019

The book is a collection of aphoristic paragraphs arranged, apparently, in a fan-shaped design. The pretty cover seems to play with this idea, to take the reader on a journey from the outer to the inner.

Is Japan Really Entering a New Era?
05 Apr 2019

The idea that Japanese years are defined by the life of an emperor sits uneasily with the democratic traditions of modern Japan.

What Liu Xiaobo’s Life and Death Can Tell Us About China and Dissent
15 Jul 2017

The death of Liu Xiaobo is both an occasion to mourn a man who fought for democracy and...


Areas of interest

Japanese nationalism, contemporary policies of Japan and its relations in Asia


Current Positions

    • Honorary Fellow & Coordinator, East Asia Programme, ICS

Past Positions

    • Professor of Modern Japanese History, Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University
    • Honorary Director, Institute of Chinese Studies, (CSDS), Delhi


    • PhD, Department of East Asian Studies (formerly Dept. of Chinese and Japanese Studies),Delhi University

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