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Brij Tankha is fromerly Professor of Modern Japanese History, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi. He is also the former Director and currently Honorary Fellow and Coordinator, East Asia Programme, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.

Dr. Tankha's research interest in Japan revolves around the nature and character of Japanese nationalism and how this was shaped in the late 19th and 20th centuries. He has examined the ideas of such diverse thinkers such as Kita Ikki, Kotoku Shusui, Okakura Tenshin, Minakata Kumagusu in pursuing this question. He is also interested in Japan’s complicated relationship within the Asian region, particularly with China and India and what is called Pan-Asianism. Dr.Tankha also has an interest in contemporary Japan’s international policies and relations within Asia.

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Tanaka Shōzō 田中正造 (1841-1913): The Politics of Democracy and Equality in Modern Japan
15 Jul 2021

The East Asia Programme of the ICS has started the East Asia Series (Brij Tankha editor) to publish monographs and occasional papers covering subjects in history, political science, economics, culture, translations, and other areas relevant to the region.

Japan in Asia: Questioning State Sponsored Asianism
13 May 2021

In the general opinion, Asia as a whole tends to be represented (and more often than not, to represent itself) as devoid of violence

Monks in Modern Dress: The Dilemma of Being Japanese and Asian
17 Oct 2018

This edited volume on radical dress reforms in East Asia takes a fresh look at the symbols and languages of modernity in dress and body.

Exploring Asia, Reforming Japan: Ōtani Kōzui and Ito Chuta
08 Jun 2017

Japan on the Silk Road provides for the first time the historical background indispensable for understanding


Areas of interest

Japanese nationalism, contemporary policies of Japan and its relations in Asia


Current Positions

    • Honorary Fellow & Coordinator, East Asia Programme, ICS

Past Positions

    • Professor of Modern Japanese History, Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University
    • Honorary Director, Institute of Chinese Studies, (CSDS), Delhi


    • PhD, Department of East Asian Studies (formerly Dept. of Chinese and Japanese Studies),Delhi University

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