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The 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China from 18 to 24 October held the centrestage in the month of October. ICS faculty offered their views and analyses through different media platforms on various dimensions of the five-yearly Congress. In addition, the ICS maintained its steady output of publications and informed discussions on a wide range of issues relating to China and East Asia.

EveNTS & Activities

Our Wednesday Seminars in October covered ‘Financial Markets in India and China’ (YouTube and Soundcloud), ‘Nuclear and Missile Issues in North Korea’ (YouTube and Soundcloud), and ‘State. Labour and Welfare in China since 1990s’ (Soundcloud).

We also had a Special Lecture – jointly organized with India International Centre - by Gen. J. J. Singh, former Governor, Arunachal Pradesh and former Chief of Staff, Indian Army, on the ‘Genesis of the Shimla Conference (1913-14) and Impact of McMahon Line on Sino-Indian Boundary Negotiations’ (YouTube and Soundcloud).


ICS Fellow Dr. Jabin T. Jacob had an important publication in one of China’s top political economy journals, China & World Economy, published by the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In the article titled, China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Perspectives from India, he takes a critical view of the Chinese project and its shortcomings in rationale in both the political and economic realms. To this end, he presents Indian perspectives on the project as well as the debate over the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor within Pakistan itself.

Mr. Anoop Singh, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, Washington DC and former Director of the Asia-Pacific Department, International Monetary Fund wrote an ICS Occasional Paper on China’s Growth Transitions: Implications and Outlook, examining how China’s growth model has changed and developed over it's the duration of its economic rise and assessing the country’s economic prospects going forward.

There were ICS Blogs with Mr. Bhim Subba, ICS-HYI Doctoral Fellow offering his analysis of the 19th Party Congress of CPC, while Dr. Monish Tourangbam, Assistant Professor of the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University, Karnataka shared a very thoughtful account of his experiences during his maiden trip to China as part of a visiting delegation from India.


ICS Faculty addressed issues related to the CPC’s 19 th Party Congress in several analyses and interviews for the media in English, Hindi and several other Indian languages. I provided an analysis foreign policy implications on the Congress and rising power of Xi Jinping in the South China Morning Post. ICS Fellow Dr. Jacob wrote several pieces on the CPC’s leadership selection and its implications for China’s foreign and security policies for News18, The Week and Firstpost. He also crafted an essay on the takeaways for India from Xi Jinping’s statements on China’s economic growth model in his report to the Congress again for News18. Dr. Jacob was also a panelist on Al-Jazeera and China Global Television Network discussing the Chinese congress.

There were also contributions in Marathi and Malayalam on the 19th CPC Congress – in Maharashtra Times by Assistant Director, Dr. Aravind Yelery and in Malayala Manorama by Honorary Fellow, Mr. M. V. Rappai. Adjunct Fellow Dr. Raviprasad Narayanan had a commentary on the challenges posed to the party-state by corruption in The Caravan magazine while Honorary Fellow Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam wrote in The Wire on the linguistic gulf between India and China, and the ways to overcome it.

Continuing the ICS collaboration with China’s top business dailly, Caijing and India’s Business Standard to promote analyses by each country’s economists in the other, a piece on China and globalization was translated from the Chinese and published in the Indian daily mid-October. The article by Prof. He Fan, of the HSBC School of Business, Beijing,  and his colleagues can also be read on the ICS Blogs here.

Faculty Updates

I was invited to speak at the keynote session of the annual KIEP and Associations of Area Studies Conference on ‘Resurging Protectionism: Challenges for Emerging Economies’ at Seoul, ROK. I delivered a lecture on ‘India-China Relations: Post-Doklam, Post 19th Party Congress’ at Shiv Nadar University under their Asian Dialogue Series and addressed the Professional Course for Foreign Diplomats of the Foreign Service Institute, among other engagements. Dr. Narayanan and Dr. Jacob were speakers at the Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi for a panel on the theme of India-China relations, post Doklam.

Assistant Director, Dr. Yelery gave a lecture on the role of industrial reforms in China’s Post-Mao economic transition at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Honorary Fellow, Mr. Bhoothalingam spoke on ‘Why China and India Matter to Each Other’, under the auspices of Society for Policy Studies and India Habitat Centre (watch on YouTube).

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