• Ms. Suhasini Haidar on "China's Changing Tibet Policy: How India Needs to Prepare," 5 November 2014

  • Group Photograph, 13th Russia-India-China Trilateral, Moscow, July 2014

  • Special Lecture by Prof. Anand Yang

  • Interaction with a Delegation from the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), Beijing

  • Group Photograph, ICS-ASCI, Hyderabad MOU Signing Ceremony, 9th October 2014

  • Roundtable Discussion on the APEC 2014 Economic Leaders' Week, Delhi, 4 Nov. '14

  • ICS Faculty at the APEC 2014 Economic Leaders' Week, Delhi, 4 Nov. '14

Welcome to Institute of Chinese Studies

The Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi (ICS) is one of the oldest research institutions on China and East Asia in India. With support from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, it is the mandate of the ICS to develop a strategic vision for India’s dealings with China and to help adapt India’s priorities quickly and appropriately to address the research and educational demands arising from China’s emergence. The ICS seeks to promote interdisciplinary study and research on China and the rest of East Asia with a focus on expertise in China’s domestic politics, international relations, economy, history, health, education, border studies, language and culture, and on India-China comparative studies. It also looks to fostering active links with business, media, government and non-governmental organizations in India through applied research, executive training programmes, and seminars and conferences, and to serve as a repository of knowledge and data grounded in first-hand research on Chinese politics, economy, international relations, society and culture.


19 January 2015:
"Democracy and Development in India and China: Sharing Experiences"

22 December 2014:
9th Giri Deshingkar Memorial Lecture, "From World History to World Literature:China, the South, and the Global 60s"

16 December 2014:
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of CHINA REPORT: Special Lecture on "China Beyond the Seas: Indian Images of Chin in the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries"

15 December 2014:
Interactive Discussion on "The Crises of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future" by Prof. Prasenjit Duara

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