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When Bose was in China !

A quick google search of the keywords ‘Bose and China’ will provide numerous headlines of news reports such as ‘what happened to Netaji! Was he in Red China?’ (Oneindia 2015), ‘Aide believed Netaji was alive in China in 1948’ (Hindustantimes 2015), ‘Did Bose play role in Mao’s revolution?’ (The Times of India 2015) Another pointedly asks about the ‘Chinese angle in Netaji’s death mystery’? (Firstpost 2013) The running theme in each of these reports is the possibility of Bose escaping his death and moving to China. The main problem with this approach is that there is no documentary evidence to substantiate such claims. Bose’s China connection, therefore, has been decimated to unproven and hypothetical claims in India. We have very little proof that Bose lived in China after the Second World War. Hence, most of these reports and assertions can be categorised as speculative. For the purpose of this article, the author will specifically focus on the claim of Bose living in Communist China. The objective of this article is, however, not to refute or validate such claims. This article focuses rather on Bose’s wartime China connections and attempts to bring to light two little known visits made by Subhas Chandra Bose to China during the war period.


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