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The 8th Congress of Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Jong-un’s Thoughts and Future of North Korea

North Korea is an enigma, and it follows a leader-centric approach. The Workers Party of Korea is the highest-ranking body of North Korea. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, last one year onwards, North Korea is in self-isolation and world hardly have any clue about Kim Jong-un and DPRK.

This paper attempt is to discuss the 8th congress of Workers Party of Korea, 2021, especially its focus on Kim Jong-un speeches and congress resolutions and its remarks on Inter-Korean relations, North Korea-America relations, and North Korea’s economic plan. This is a delve for understanding and analysing Kim Jong-un’s thoughts and its implications.


The 8th Congress of Workers Party of Korea introduced a new five-year plan and approved 138 candidates as members of the Party Central Committee and also alternate members of 111 candidates and elevated Kim Jong-un to General Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea and rules of WPK are modified which give more control to Kim Jong-un. This paper argues that Kim Jong-un aims to utilise Covid-19 pandemic crisis to conduct the 8th congress to target prunes and hold complete traction over the party and fill the North Korean peoples with new hopes and promises. Kim Jong-un modified the WPK rules to fortify and fiefdom over the party.

Keywords: Kimilsungism, North Korean economy, Workers' Party of Korea, Party Congress of WPK, Reform in North Korea


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