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T-TIP and the EU-China Strategic Partnership

The concept of strategic partnership emerged in China after the end of the second world war. China established its first strategic partnership with Brazil in 1993 and since then building strategic partnerships has become one of the most notable dimensions of the Chinese diplomacy. The EU became China’s strategic partner in 2003 and it occupies an important place amongst others since it is China’s biggest trading partner. China and the EU trade on average over one billion Euros per day and China is the second largest trading partner of the EU after the US. Forums such as AIDB and BRI are expected to bring them closer. However, not all is as great as it seems and the EU-China strategic partnership have been facing their fair share of problems. The most recent of which is the re-launch of the T-TIP negotiations between the EU and the US. The T-TIP aims to remove divergent standards across the Atlantic and to reduce TBT and NTBs. Though the T-TIP is in itself a challenge given its vast and complex scope, if successful it could be a game changer and alter the world trade rules, standards and patterns adversely impacting trade relations between China and the EU. In this context, this paper aims to study the T-TIP and its impact on the EU-China strategic partnership.


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