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Regional and Sub-regional Cooperation in Health Security: India and China

The main focus areas in international relations include security studies, strategic affairs and foreign policy. Public health has mostly been peripheral in international relations and has been limited to being a domestic policy concern. More recently, however, there is an acknowledgement of health as an important domain of international relations (Labonté and Gagnon 2010; Feldbaum et al 2010). In the context of a globalised world, health has received much attention especially due to rise in the incidence of infectious diseases and threats posed by transnational disease epidemics.It is often argued that a healthy population contributes to stability and security both nationally and globally. Global health security pursues a multilateral and multi-sectoral approach to strengthen global capacities and nations’ capacities to prevent, detect and respond to diseases. Therefore, the scope of global health security recognises the need for regional co-operation in order to avert pandemics andsecure neighbouring nations from infectious diseases. 


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