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November 2016; 52 (4)







I Articles

 Mordechai Chariza

 Sino-Turkish ‘Solid Strategic Partnership’China’s Dream or a Reality?

          Abstract      Full Text (PDF)     References

 Jeremy Garlick

Not So SimpleComplexity Theory and the Rise of China

        Abstract    Full Text (PDF)  References

 Sonika Gupta and R. Veena

 Bilingual Education in Xinjiang in the Post-2009 Period

         Abstract     Full Text (PDF)    References


II Book Reviews

 Manoranjan Mohanty

Book Review: Mao’s Little Red Book: A Global History by Alexander C. Cook (ed.)

          Full Text (PDF)   

 Vinod C. Khanna

  Book Review: Will This Be China’s Century? A Skeptic’s View by Mel Gurtov

           Full Text (PDF)   References

 Jabin T. Jacob

 Book Review: Political Thought and China’s Political Transformation: Ideas Shaping Reform in Post-Mao China by He Li

          ‚ÄčFull Text (PDF)        

  Sreemati Chakrabarti

  Book Review: Maoism at the Grassroots: Everyday Life in China’s Era of High Socialism by Jeremy Brown and Mathew D. Johnson (eds)

      Full Text (PDF)    

  Prateeksha Tiwari

 Book Review: Science and Technology in Contemporary China: Interrogating Policies and Progress by Varaprasad S. Dolla

      Full Text (PDF)   

 M. V. Rappai

 Book Review: Indian and Chinese Immigrant Communities by Jayati Bhattacharya and Coonoor Kripalani (eds)

          Full Text (PDF)

 Madhurima Nundy

 Book Review: One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment by MEI FONG

      Full Text (PDF)    

 Jesna Jayachandranan

  Book Review: Media at Work in India and China: Discovering and Dissecting by Robin Jeffrey and Ronojoy Sen (eds)

      Full Text (PDF)   

  Kishan S. Rana

 Book Review: Sinology in Post-Communist States: Views from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Poland and Russia by Chih-Yu Shih (ed.)

      Full Text (PDF)    

 Lt Gen(Rtd) Y.M. Bammi

 Book Review: Unique Asian Triangle: India, China, Nepal by Geeta Kochar and Pramod Jaiswal (eds)

      Full Text (PDF)    

 Atul Bhardwaj

Book Review: Diplomacy at the Cutting Edge by Kishan S. Rana

      Full Text (PDF)    


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