China Report

November 2015; 51 (4)







I Articles​

 Aprajita Sarcar

 A Historical and Anthropological Comparative of the Family Planning Strategies of India and China

          Abstract      Full Text (PDF)     References

 Liqing Li

China’s Rising Nationalism and Its ForefrontPolitically Apathetic Youth

        Abstract​   Full Text (PDF)  References



II Commentaries​

 Kishan S. Rana

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to China, May 2015

         Abstract     Full Text (PDF)    References


III Book Reviews​

 M.V. Rappai

Ideology Matters: China from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping

          Full Text (PDF)   

 Annavajhula J.C. Bose

  Emerging Trends in Factory Asia: International Capital Mobility, Global Value Chains and the Emerging Labour Movement in Asia

          Full Text (PDF)

 Sabaree Mitra

 Translating Chinese Culture: The Process of Chinese-English Translation

          Full Text (PDF)

 Akihiro Iwashita and Edward Boyle

  India–China Borderlands: Conversations beyond the Centre

      Full Text (PDF)    References

 ​Kamal Sheel

 India in the Chinese Imagination: Myth, Religion, and Thought

      Full Text (PDF)   

 Prateeksha M. Tiwari

 Politics in the Era of Xi Jinping: Renaissance, Reform, or Retrogression?

          Full Text (PDF)

 Alpana Verma

 Media Transparency in China: Rethinking Rhetoric and Reality

      Full Text (PDF)    References

 Sreemati Chakrabarti

  China under Mao: A Revolution Derailed

      Full Text (PDF)    References

 ​Atul Bhardwaj

 Strategic Direction of the Chinese Navy: Capability and Intent

      Full Text (PDF)    References

 Jeremy Garlick

 China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa

      Full Text (PDF)    References

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