China Report

May 2016; 52 (2)







I Articles

 Martin Griffiths and Michael Schiavone

  China's New Urbanisation Plan 2014–20

          Abstract      Full Text (PDF)     References

 Dmitry V. Kuznetsov

  China and the Ukrainian CrisisFrom ‘Neutrality’ to ‘Support’ for Russia

          Abstract    Full Text (PDF)  References

 Ngo Xuan Binh

  Vietnam–India Economic TiesChallenges and Opportunities since 2007

        Abstract    Full Text (PDF)  References


II Notes and Comments

 Shivshankar Menon

 China, the World and India

          Abstract     Full Text (PDF)   

 Aravind Yelery

  China’s Bilateral Currency Swap AgreementsRecent Trends

        Abstract    Full Text (PDF)  References


III Book Reviews

 Brij Tankha

 Constructing East Asia: Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan’s Wartime Era 1931–1945 by Aaron                        Stephen Moore

          Full Text (PDF)   

 B.R. Deepak

 Where Chiang Kai-shek Lost China: The Liao-Shen Campaign, 1948 by Harold M. Tanner

          Full Text (PDF)

 Ravi Bhoothalingam

 Sinophobia: Anxiety, Violence and the Making of Mongolian Identity by Franck Billé

          Full Text (PDF)

 Sonia Shukla

           The Noodlemaker of Kalimpong: The Untold Story of My Struggle for Tibet by Gyalo Thondup and Anne F. Thurston

          Full Text (PDF)    

  Sabaree Mitra

 China: Confucius in the Shadows by Poonam Surie

          Full Text (PDF)   

 Kishan S. Rana

The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy by Daniel A. Bell

          Full Text (PDF)    

 Patricia Uberoi

Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia by Asian Development Bank and Asian Development Bank Institute & ASEAN–India Development and Cooperation Report, 2015 by Research and Information System for Developing Countries, ASEAN-India Centre

          Full Text (PDF) 

 Ashwini Deshpande

The Global Rise of Asian Transformation: Trends and Developments in Economic Growth Dynamics edited by Pongsank Hoontrakul, Christopher Balding and Reena Marwah

          Full Text (PDF) 

 Vaishali Singh

Inside Out India and China: Local Politics Go Global by William Antholis

          Full Text (PDF) 

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