China Report

February 2017; 53 (1)







 Micheal Clarke

 The Impact of Ethnic Minorities on China's Foreign Policy

  the case of Xinjiang and the Ughyr

          Abstract      Full Text (PDF)     References

 Ka-Hyun Lee, Jai. S Mah

Foreign Direct Investment Flows from China to Korea in the Automobile Industry 

        Abstract      Full Text (PDF)       References



 M.H Rajesh 

The Party's Maritime Power

Four Roles and Three-and-a-half-fleets

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   Vinod C. Khanna

   Review: Look East to Act East Policy: Implications for India’s Northeast edited by Gurudas Das and C. Joshua Thomas BCIM Economic Corridor: The Road Ahead edited by Rajiv Bhatia and Rahul Mishra and The Agartala Doctrine: A Proactive Northeast in Indian Foreign Policy edited by Subir Bhaumik

       Full Text (PDF)       References     



  Ekta Singh

     Book Review: Contemporary China: Between Mao and Market by Francois Godement

          Full Text (PDF)       References

  Sharmila Kantha

 Book Review: China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know by Arthur R. Kroeber

           Full Text (PDF)           References

 Naina Singh

 Book Review: China and Global Capitalism: Reflections on Marxism, History, and Contemporary Politics by Lin Chun

          Full Text (PDF)           References

 Vaishali Singh

  Book Review: The Advance of the State in Contemporary China: State–Market Relations in the Reform Era by Sarah Eaton

         Full Text (PDF)            References

   Sabaree Mitra

   Book Review: A China Primer: An Introduction to a Culture and a Neighbourby G.S. Iyer

          Full Text (PDF)            References

  Virendra Sahai Verma

  Book Review: Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China: A New Look at Asian Relationships by Willem van Eekelen

         Full Text (PDF)             References

  Jojin V. John

  Book Review: Contentious Activism and Inter-Korean Relations by Danielle L. Chubb

         Full Text (PDF)             References






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