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Covid-19 Pandemic and Contextualizing South Korea’s Success

Amidst a sense of despair, there are examples of few countries apart from China, who have dealt with the pandemic quite effectively. South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam could be cited as few of these success stories (Jo 2020). Among these countries, South Korean case is of particular interest as at one point of time South Korea had the sec-ond highest number of the Covid-19 cases after China (Associate Press 2020). At the peak of spread in South Korea, the country was reporting more than 1000 daily cases around 29 February 2020. However, the country has been able to restrict the total number of cases around 11000 so far and new cases per day are quite low. Overall, it seems that South Korea is in full control of the crisis and until now, more than 9500 people have recovered and active cases in the country are less than 1000. The fatality rate has also been 2.37 percent and almost one fourth of the fatalities have been of the people who were more than eighty year old (KCDC 2020). It is also important to un-derline that South Korea achieved this success without any lockdown. It’s indeed a remarkable feat and its contexts and course must be understood systematically to ap-preciate the South Korean success and learn from it.


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