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Comparative Analysis of India’s and China’s Engagement with their Respective Diaspora

A lot has been said and written about Indian diaspora lately especially in the context of its engagement with the current Indian government, but is it enough and is it in the right direction? It has been recognized in India that the diaspora is a valuable strategic asset and the new elite of this world. But unlike China, India does not seem to reap its potential fully. The Indian government’s engagement with its diaspora despite recognizing its importance is still at a very nascent stage, in comparison to the Chinese government’s engagement with its diaspora. India has a lot to learn.

If diaspora were to constitute in one nation, it would be the world’s fifth largest.Chinese and Indian diaspora are two giant diasporas in the world, which if combined together roughly ranges from 80-90 million. The growing demand for labour in global job markets, advancement in technology and transport facilities, various political-economic, historical and environmental forces accentuate this growth.


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