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Clash of Narratives: The US-China Propaganda War Amid the Global Pandemic

In addition to traditional spheres of competition such as military and economic rivalry, the US-China rivalry is shifting into new areas. The outbreak of Covid-19 seems to have provided yet another domain for competition to both the US and China. Aside from news related to Covid-19, propaganda around Covid-19 have dominated global discussions in the last few months. Propaganda, in the most neutral sense, means to disseminate or promote particular ideas. During the ongoing pandemic, China and the US have been involved in very intense war of words in order to influence the global narrative on Covid-19. Considering the number of narratives presented by two of the world’s strongest actors, the period since the outbreak of the pandemic can be truly regarded as the age of clashing narratives. This analysis attempts to take a close look at the narratives presented by the US and China during the pandemic, consider the impact of disinformation on the day to day lives of people around the world and discuss the criticism against China and the US during the Pandemic.


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