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Chinese View: Indian Army Illegally Crosses LAC again, Occupies Chinese Territory

Colonel Zhang Shuili, the spokesperson of the Western Theatre Command issued a statement on the situation on the China-India border and pointed out:

On 31 August, the Indian army broke the consensus reached at previous multilevel talks between the two sides and once again illegally crossed the boundary line on the South Bank of the Pangong Lake and near the Reqin Mountain Pass. This is blatant provocation and has caused tension on the LAC. This belligerent act by India is serious violation of China’s territorial sovereignty, and severely undermines peace and stability of the Sino-Indian border area. This is an act of betrayal and serious breach of trust. China strongly opposes it. We earnestly urge India to immediately withdraw its troops, which has illegally crossed into and has occupied Chinese territory, to strictly control and restrain its frontline troops, to earnestly abide by its commitments and to avoid further escalation of the situation. The Chinese military is taking necessary countermeasures and will closely monitor the developments and will resolutely safeguard China’s territorial sovereignty and peace and stability in the border areas. 

Source: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/210333688

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