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Chinese Investments in Europe

During the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress in October, President Xi Jinping was clear that the goal is to place China firmly on the global centre stage by 2050. This aim will be driven in part by Chinese investments in both industrialised and developing countries. The 2008 financial crisis had left Europe with an estimated Euro 330 billion investment gap (Le 2017). China spotted this opportunity and boosted its investments in Europe massively since 2010. Europe, with its free trade policies, now faces a Chinese buying and acquisitions onslaught, given the emergence of a combination of state-owned large conglomerates and aggressive Chinese policies of investment in Europe’s technology and infrastructure sectors. Chinese investments had earlier focused mainly on infrastructure projects in distressed Southern European countries since the economic crisis had offered opportunities in countries like Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain. But stronger concerns have now arisen due to recent Chinese targeting of Northern Europe with an eye on the technology sector.


Anil Wadhwa

Former Ambassador, Senior Fellow & Cluster Leader Vivekananda International Foundation

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