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China Report; 55 (1)

An Introductory Note for the Articles

Huang Yinghong’s article in this issue compares the process of land acquisition in China and India in the era of economic reform in both countries.  He argues that it represents a type of what he characterizes as ‘compulsory development’, in which the state uses a high level of compulsion to pursue a development model in which government manipulates land policies to its advantage, speculates in the land market to maximize rent, and then extracts large land surpluses for its development purposes.

Mordechai Chaziza’s article on China’s economic diplomacy in the Middle East shows how this region is becoming increasingly important to China’s foreign policy, especially in the context of the unfolding of the BRI.  It explains how China uses diplomacy to intervene in the numerous regional conflicts to protect its rapidly expanding commercial interests, its citizens, energy supplies and assets there.  At the same time, it uses commercial instruments and economic tools to advance its larger strategic goals.

Christopher Primiano presents the findings of a survey conducted among university students in China to ascertain how they regard China’s involvement in UN peacekeeping operations, since he considers that the subject of how Chinese citizens view their government’s overseas engagements has been relatively understudied.  The findings reveal interesting nuances in the views of the survey respondents on this subject, which could have implications for the way the Chinese government conducts its foreign policy.

I Articles

  • Compulsary Development: An Ideal Type of Land Acquisition in India and China: 1980-2014
    Yinghong Huang
  • China's Economic Diplomacy Approach in the Middle East Conflicts
    Mordechai Chaziza 
  • Should China Spend on UNPKOs? Findings from a Survey
    Christopher B. Primiano


II Book Reviews

  • Book Review: Trade Governance of the Belt and Road Initiative: Economic Logic, Value Choices, and Institutional Arrangement by Dawei Cheng and China’s Great Wall of Debt: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans and the End of the Chinese Miracle by Dinny McMahon 
    Sharmila Kantha
  • Book Review: Higher Education in India and China: Select Perspectives by Sreemati Chakrabarti
    Eldo Mathews
  • Book Review: End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival is Undermining its Rise by Carl Minzner
    Vinod C. Khanna
  • Book Review: Chinese Perspectives on the International Rule of Law by Matthieu Burnay
    Santosh Pai
  • Book Review: East of India, South of China: Sino-Indian Encounters in Southeast Asia by Amitav Acharya
    Baladas Ghoshal
  • Book Review: China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative and South Asia: A Political Economic Analysis of its Purposes, Peril, and Promise by Jean-Marc R. Blanchard 
    Jonathan Fulton
  • Book Review: Rising China in a Changing World: Power Transitions and Global Leadership by Jin Kai
    Behzad Abdollahpur

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