China Report

China Report; 54 (1)

I Preface

  • Special Issue on ‘Hong Kong: Identity, Intellectual History and Culture’
    Patricia Uberoi



II Introduction

  • Significance of Hong Kong’s Perspective on China
    Reflections on Intellectual History
    C.Y. Shih


III Articles

  • Hong Kong in the Midst of Colonialism, Collaborative and Critical Nationalism from 1925 to 1930
    The Perspective of Lu Xun and the Confucius Revering Movement
    Lin Shaoyang

  • The Experiences and Participation of Immigrant Intellectuals in the Cultural Development of Hong Kong
    A Study of Tang Junyi
    Chan Hok Yin

  • ‚ÄčThe Academic Role of Hong Kong in the Development of Chinese Culture, 1950s–70s
    From the Perspectives of Qian Mu and Luo Xianglin
    Au Chi Kin

  • A Mighty River Flowing Eastward
    The Formation and Transformation of the Ethnic and National Identities of Situ Hua
    Hou Guanghao

  • The Changing ‘China’ Elements in China Studies in the University of Hong Kong
    The Perspective of Intellectual History
    Mariko Tanigaki

  • Positioning China Watching
    Is it Just Hong Kong?
    Chih-Yu Shih

IV Review Essay

  • Power, Law and Maritime Order in South China Sea by Tran Truong Thuy and Le Thuy Trang and China, Japan, and Senkaku Islands: Conflict in the East China Sea amid an American Shadow by Monika Chansoria
    Atul Bhardwaj



V Book Reviews

  • Book Review: China’s Social Policy Transformations and Challenges edited by Kinglun Ngok and Cha Kwan Chan
    Ravni Thakur

  • Book Review: China’s Asian Dream, Empire Building Along the New Silk Road by Tom Miller
    Poonam Surie


  • Book Review: Assessing China’s Power edited by Jae Ho Chung
    Kishan S. Rana


  • Book Review: The Logic of Chinese Politics—Cores, Peripheries and Peaceful Rising by Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk and Peter W. Preston
    Debasish Chaudhuri


  • Book Review: Xi Jinping: Red China, the Next Generation by Agnès Andrésy
    NGEOW Chow Bing


  • Book Review: Central Asia: Democracy, Instability and Strategic Game in Kyrgyzstan by P. Stobdan
    Rakesh Kumar Yadav


  • Book Review: Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China by Alec Ash
    Ravi Bhoothalingam


  • Book Review: The Sino-Indian War of 1962: New Perspectives edited by Amit R. Das Gupta and Lorenz Luthi
    Sonia Shukla


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