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China, India and the United States: Wary trio?

Policy choices made by a country help decipher continuities and discontinuities in foreign policy making. The choices made in foreign policy making reveal the imprint of domestic political agendas and institutional arrangements that manage foreign policy. This research essay examines China, India and United States as being three countries exhibiting their global outreach in starkly different ways. The essay attempts to knit the wavering complementarities amongst the three countries, matched by an undercurrent of arriving at a compact on various issues. With bilateral relations being the effectus primatum tenens (effect of primacy holding), it is apt to examine these three countries and the multiple spill overs their respective bilateral have on various issues. Economics, politics, security, and global concerns going beyond the bilateral are coalescing into an amorphous construct in the making deserving attention. The theoretical framework of constructivism provides a theoretical underpinning to this working paper.


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