China: A 5000-Year Odyssey

In this endearing book on China, Tan Chung distills tons of information about China’s historical evolution and complex vicissitudes in a freewheeling style describing how the third longest river in the world, Yangtze River, and the fifth longest, Yellow River, carved out the contours of China on the globe millions of years before the arrival of man-apes. From this geographical entity, there emerged a common civilization, political entity, and common entity of destiny within and around the valleys of these two civilization-forming rivers.

The author advocates that China is a “civilization country” that has existed for more than two millennia but the nation-state world interrupted the Chinese odyssey for many centuries. Like the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, China resumes its odyssey and also joins the comity of globalization leaving behind the “Thucydides Trap”.

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