China Report

August 2016; 52 (3)







I Articles

 Andrew J. Nathan

 Domestic Factors in the Making of Chinese Foreign Policy

 MIchal Kolmas

  China’s Approach to Regional Cooperation

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II Notes and Commentaries

 Bhim B. Subba

 Taiwan’s 2016 ElectionsInclusive Politics and Status Quo Continuum

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 M.V Rappai

China’s National People’s Congress 2016

 Aravind Yelery

The National Development Reform Commission’s Report at the 4th Session of 12th National People’s CongressA Review

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 Alka Acharya

Academician Mikhail L. Titarenko, 1934–2016

          Full Text (PDF)   

 C.V Ranganathan

Tribute to an Outstanding Student of China

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IV Book Reviews

 Srinivas Rao Adige

 Book Review: The Modern Spirit of Asia by Peter van der Veer

          Full Text (PDF)

 Sabaree Mitra

  Book Review: The Crisis of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future by Prasenjit Duara

          Full Text (PDF)    

  Debashish Chaudhuri

 Book Review: The Sacred Routes of Uyghur History by Rian Thum

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 Shilpa Sharma

 Book Review: Britain and China, 1840–1970: Empire, Finance and War edited by Robert A. Bickers and Jonathan J. Howlett     

          Full Text (PDF)

 Kishan S. Rana

 Book Review: China’s Future by David Shambaugh

         Full Text (PDF)

 Sanal Kumar

 Book Review: The People’s Liberation Army and Contingency Planning in China edited by Andrew Scobell, Arthur S. Ding, Phillip C. Saunders and Scott W. Harold

          Full Text (PDF)    

  Virendra Sahai Verma

 Book Review: JFK’s Forgotten Crisis—Tibet, the CIA, and the Sino-Indian War by Bruce Riedel

          Full Text (PDF)       


 Preksha Shree Chhetri

 Book Review: China and Central Asia: Political, Economic and Security Co-operation by Krishnasri Das     

          Full Text (PDF)     References 


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