Towards a History of Chinese Dam Building in the Twentieth Century 

Arunabh Ghosh

ICS Special Lecture | 9 Jan

The speaker examined the history of Chinese dam-building in the light of twentieth-century scientific utopianism, technological and environment history, and national and transnational works of expertise. The finding will not only contribute to our understanding of China and Asia's environmental history but will inform global debates on the history of water.

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China's Transformation: The Success Story and the Success Trap

Manoranjan Mohanty 

Book Release | 10 Jan

The book provides insight into the economic and social transformation that China has undergone from 1979 to the present. Based on the author's research in China for three decades the book shows how China's 'reform and open door policy' evolved and helped achieved tremendous economic success. 

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India, China and the World: A Connected History 

Tansen Sen

Book Release | 12 Jan

By focusing on material exchanges, transmissions of knowledge and technologies, networks of exchange during the colonial period, and little known facets of interactions between the Republic of India and the People's Republic of China, Tansen's book argues convincingly that the analysis of India-China connections must extend beyond the traditional frameworks of nation-states or bilateralism. 

Complex Belongings: The Chinese Indian Community 

Tansen Sen, Lawrence Liang, Jayani Bonnerjee, Rita Chowdhary, Severin Kuok, Bean Ching Law and Piya Chakraborty

ICS Conference| 15 Jan

ICS in collaboration with the India International Centre & OP Jindal University organised a half-day event to explore various facets of the Chinese-Indian Community. The aim of the event was not only to understand the history but also to examine the present condition of those still residing in India.

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China-India Relations: The Untold Story and the Future of the Indo-Pacific

Jonathan D. T. Ward

ICS Wednesday Seminar | 24 Jan

Drawing upon new, rarely seen documents from China and recent work on Chinese global strategy, the speaker examined the little known-depths of the China-India relationship. The talk began with the new work on the border war of 1962 and led to the current and future trends in the Indo-pacific and role of India, China and the United States in the region. 

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To Send or Not to Send: Indian Missions to Wartime China 

Nirmola Sharma 

ICS Wednesday Seminar|31 Jan

The speaker by using British documents has analysed how cultural and political missions to China became a subject of intense political and strategic tussle between the Indian political parties and the British government of India. 

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Xinjiang and the Chinese State: Violence in the Reform Era
Debasish Chaudhuri | Routledge, India |  2018
The book focuses on the nature of ethno-national conflicts and impacts of ideological orientation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) towards the national question in the context of Han nationalism and political, economic and security policies towards Xinjiang.
Volume 54 | Issue 1 | Feb 2018
Special Issue on 'Hong Kong: Identity, Intellectual History and Culture' 
Chih-yu Shih| Guest Editor
This special issue focuses on the complexities of 'Hongkongese' identity, compiled and edited by political psychologist shihChih-yu, steps back somewhat from the immediacy of contemporary events to speculate, on a broader canvas and in a longer historical frame, on the identity challenges of being simultaneously 'Hongkongese' and 'Chinese'.  
China's Quest for Global Leadership
Shyam Saran | Issue No. 52 | January 2018
This Paper analyses the emerging global order where China aspires to be a key player and how the handling of
these seminal challenges will determine the prospects of its quest for global leadership.
Strategic Underpinning of China's Foreign Policy
Shivshankar Menon | Issue No. 20 | January 2018
What the strategic underpinnings of China's foreign policy are, depend on ones' theory of the case.  It depends on what foreign policy is considered to be, what is given to personality, perception, structures and other factors in making and determining foreign policy.
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A China Gazer's Random Musings- No. 2 
Kishan S. Rana
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Hemant Adlakha
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Preethi Amaresh 
16 January 2018
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Shyam Saran
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India Becoming a Threat in Chinese Imagination
Hemant Adlakha
Special Lecture | 16 February | ICS Seminar Room| 2:30 pm
China’s Engagement with the Buddhist World: Challenges Posed
Amitabh Mathur| Advisor, Ministry of Home Affairs on Tibetan Affairs
Wednesday Seminar | 21 February | Conference Room ICWA | 2:30 pm
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