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The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) continued to take up relevant issues and topics through digital platforms to generate an informed analysis of China and East Asia. In addition to four publications, we organized as many as four webinars during the month, including contemporary issues such as the South China Sea and Rules-Based International Order.


We also hosted the annual VP Dutt Memorial Lecture in April. The lecture was delivered by Hans van de Ven, on the topic ‘JAPAN’S SURRENDER IN 1945 AND THE REMAKING OF ASIA’. Hans van de Ven examined the complex politics of surrender as various parties in China, Indonesia, and India negotiated this crucial event. He also argued that while the surrenders signified the definite end of European imperialism, it also saw the beginning of struggles for dominance of forces in each country that had grown strong and had begun to compete with each other during the Second World War in each of these three countries.




ICS organized four seminars in April, including a book discussion and two-panel discussions. ICS also held V.P. Dutt Memorial Lecture this month.


            On the background of India’s former Ambassador Rajiv Bhatia’s new book titled India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons (Routledge, 2022), a panel discussion was organized on the topic India-Africa Relations and the China Angle on 6 April. The speakers were: Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Studies Programme, Gateway House; Veda Vaidyanathan, Associate at the Harvard University Asia Center and a Visiting Associate Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies; Renu Modi, Director, Center for African Studies, University of Mumbai. The event was chaired by Ashok K. Kantha, Director, Institute of Chinese Studies. The discussion revolved around China’s Africa policy as well as on various alternatives for India to strengthen its position in the African region. (YouTube)


            The second-panel discussion was held on the topic The South China Sea and Rules-Based International Order on 13 April. The panelists included: Pankaj K. Jha, Professor, O P Jindal University and Director of Centre for Security Studies; Lucio Blanco Pitlo III, Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies; Surbhi Moudgil, Research Associate, Institute of Chinese Studies. The discussion was chaired by Commodore Abhay Kumar Singh, an Indian Navy Veteran and Research Fellow at the Military Affairs Centre in the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses. The discussion covered topics like China’s South China Sea policy, response by other littoral states, impact of other global events on this region. (YouTube)


            Hans van de Ven delivered the V.P Dutt Memorial Lecture on Japan’s Surrender in 1945 and the Remaking of Asia on 20 April. He analyzed the complexities involved in the surrender of Japan which was a landmark event towards the end of World War II and also discussed impact of this event on the domestic politics of China, India and Indonesia. The lecture was moderated by Madhavi Thampi, Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies. The Chair for this lecture was Sreemati Chakrabarti, Editor of China Report and Chairperson of the Institute of Chinese Studies. (YouTube)


            Ambassador Nirupama Rao, India’s former Foreign Secretary, spoke about her new book ‘The Fractured Himalaya: India Tibet China 1949 to 1962 on 27 April. She explained various circumstances under which India-China were shaped during those years and how it impacted decision-making related to bilateral relations. She also elaborated on various causes that ultimately led to the border conflict in 1962. Ananth Krishnan, China Correspondent, The Hindu, gave his remarks on the book as a Discussant. He highlighted four key takeaways which differentiated this book from other literature available on this theme. The discussion was chaired by Ashok K. Kantha, Director, Institute of Chinese Studies. (YouTube)




We had a total of four Publications this month, two Occasional papers and two research blogs.


ICS Occasional Papers

  1. Madhavi Thampi, Honorary Fellow, ICS on Politics, Displacement and Identity: Kazakh Refugees from Xinjiang in Bhopal During World War II
  2. Upasana Ghosh, Research Intern, ICS on Xi’s Vision for a ‘Just’ Global Order: Is China Seeking to Replace American Hegemony?

ICS Research Blogs

  1. Hemant Adlakha, Vice Chairperson, ICS and Associate professor, JNU on ‘Ascension’ is more about “Common Poverty” in Xi’s China
  2. Parul Trivedi, ICS Intern, ICS on China’s Strategy Towards North Korea




Zorawar Daulat Singh, Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi participated in The Print Debates on 2 April 2022 on the topic Why US warned India on growing Russia ties and why Modi met Lavrov & not Truss.’

Dr. Madhurima Nandi, fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi participated in a seminar on 28th April. The seminar was organized by Centre of East Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawahar Lal Nehru University on the topic ‘Lockdown in Shanghai: Socio-economic and Healthcare Costs.’




Prof. Hemant Adlakha, Associate Professor of Chinese, JNU authored two articles for modern policy  on 2 April 2022 on Japan-US-Korea Alliance: Beijing fears new security architecture in East Asia and 21 April 2022 on BRI and the Indo-Pacific strategy: Geopolitical vs Geostrategic. He also wrote on Russia-Ukraine Crisis: China’s Leaders Look for ‘Opportunity’ amid Ukraine War for India Defence Review on 28 April 2022.

Prof. Srikanth Kondapalli, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Studies and Professor in Chinese Studies at School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University authored a piece on Wang Yi hurt India-China ties for The Deccan Herald on 12 April 2022.

Ravi Bhoothalingam, Founder and Chairman of Manas Advisory, Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi wrote for Outlook on 30-April-2022 titled ‘The Martians Respond to Earth’s Geopolitics: A Science fiction Allegory’


Prof. Sandip Mishra, Assistant Professor of Korean Studies, University of Delhi Wrote for Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies on 26 April 2020 on Testing the Strength of India-Japan Relations. He also wrote an analysis for Asia Review on A New South Korean President: What Challenges Await Yoon Suk-Yeol? On 5 April 2022.

Amb. Shyam Saran, Member, ICS Governing Council authored a piece on 20 April 2022 for The Print titled Violence against Muslims rampant but can India manage the fallout is the question we must ask’. He wrote on 25-April-2022 for The Hindu on A ‘drop the pin’ event in Chinese politics. He also authored a piece on Don’t lose sight of the neighbourhood for Hindustan Times on 23 April 2022.

Anurag Viswanath: Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi authored a piece on  12 April 2022 for The Times of India on Can China really get off the zero-Covid tiger? Xi’s govt remains wary of a U-turn despite great public anger against the Shanghai lockdown

Prabir De, Professor, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), New Delhi, Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi authored a piece on 2 April 2022 for The Economic Times on Time has come to realise the BIMSTEC dream.

Zorawar Daulet Singh, Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi authored an article on 17 April 2022 for The Times of India on Ukraine crisis vindicates core tenets of India’s foreign policy

Anand P. Krishnan, Visiting Associate Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies authored a piece on 7 April 2022 for The Indian Express on Clear or Blurred? Viewing China through CPI(M)’s Lens


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