Recent Developments Related to Nuclear and Missile Issues in North Korea

Amb. Anil Wadhwa, Amb. Skand Tayal, Dr. Sandip K. Mishra

ICS Wednesday Seminar | 11 Oct

North Korea's nuclear issue is considered to be an intricate issue which is posited in contemporary regional security dynamics along with its quest for security and 'bargaining tool'. This discussion dealt with the major questions surrounding US's "extended deterrence" and possibilities of South Korea's own deterrence capacity in response to North Korea's nuclear game. 

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The Genesis of the Shimla Conference (1913-14) and Impact of McMahon Line on Sino-Indian Boundary Negotiations

General JJ Singh

Special Lecture | 24 Oct 

The Former Chief of Army Staff traced the historical developments behind the formation of the McMahon Line and how the precedences it has set still shape the negotiations between the two countries: India and China. He opined that for Independent India as it referred to now, has proved to a boon and it cartographically accepted and shown as the boundary in maps worldwide.

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Understanding the Triangle: State, Labour and Welfare in China since 1990s

Dr. P K Anand

Wednesday Seminar | 25 Oct

China's economic transformation guided by market reforms will soon complete four decades. Thus, this presentation tried to understand how the Chinese state under market reforms responds and repositions itself vis-a-vis the working class. It also sought to understand the change(s) in the nature of welfare and the state in China since the commencement of the reforms.

19th Congress of the CPC: Outcomes and Implications for India

Amb. Shyam Saran, Amb. Vijay K Nambiar, Lt Gen S L Narasimhan

ICS Wednesday Seminar | 11 Oct

The Communist Party of China's 19th Congress concluded on 25 October in Beijing. This talk primarily dealt with the key outcomes of the Xi's report to the Congress and its implications that India could draw from the week-long exercise in the Chinese capital.


China's Growth Transition

Anoop Singh

Wednesday Seminar | 8 Nov 

China has faced many growth transitions as imbalances arose during the phases of reforms, and China has changed the growth model successively to address them while keeping growth high. In an important step toward this end, China's top leadership has recently signalled tightening steps to address financial stability risks. How China meets the challenge its growth model now faces is critical to global growth.

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The Politics of Cultural Representation in China:  Revival of Modern Tibetan Artistic Movement in Tibet

Mr. Gendun Gyatso

Wednesday Seminar| 15 Nov

The presentation has drawn from the speaker's MPhil dissertation on Tibet and the politics of cultural representation in China, which delved into a least studied of how the state and society in China interface through the medium of art/visual representation, particularly with respect to Tibet.

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China and its Neighbourhood: Perspectives from India and Vietnam
Jabin T. Jacob & Hoang The Anh| Pentagon Press| 2017

This volume is an attempt to develop a more nuanced understanding China's foreign, security and economic policies by bringing together perspectives from two of its most important neighbours, India and Vietnam. 

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 Untangling Chinese Aid in Africa: Does the 'Aid for Trade' Hypothesis Hold True?
 Samar Tyagi | Issue No. 18 | November 2017

 The China gives an enormous amount of aid to African countries in the form of grants, interest-free loans and   concessional (or preferential) loans. Findings reveal that a one per cent increase in aid allocation to Africa is   associated with 0.6 per cent increase in bilateral trade, signifying that the 'aid for trade' hypothesis holds true.

China's Growth Transitions: Implications and Outlook
Anoop Singh| Issue No. 17 | November 2017

This article examines how China's growth model has changed and developed since its global economic emergence in the late 1970s and assesses prospects for China remaining the largest country in purchasing parity terms.

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