Private Education in China: Issues and Prospects

Sreemati Chakrabarti

Wednesday Seminar |14 March 2018

The speaker explored the private education system and its rapid expansion in China. Emerging fractures and its consequences for education was the focus. 
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The Communist Party of China in the Post-Mao Era: From Mass to Elite Party

Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard

GDML |22 March 2018

The speaker focussed on the evolution of CCP. The speaker argued that the party has undergone a process of rejuvenation and has moved from a mass party to an elite party with a highly educated and a young cadre core. The party has also focused on maintaining bureaucratic quality rather than quantity. 
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Politics under the Xi Jinping Era: Bringing the Party Back-in!

Bhim B. Subba

Wednesday Seminar |28 March 2018

The speaker  explored the Communist Party of China’s transformation and attempted to analyze the party’s role in China’s emerging ‘strongman’ politics under Xi Jinping
Volume 55 | Issue 1 | Feb. 2018
Special Issue on 'Hong Kong: Identity, Intellectual History and Culture' 
Chih-yu Shih |Guest Editor
This special issue focuses on the complexities of 'Hongkongese' identity, compiled and edited by political psychologist shihChih-yu, steps back somewhat from the immediacy of contemporary events to speculate, on a broader canvas and in a longer historical frame, on the identity challenges of being simultaneously 'Hongkongese' and 'Chinese'.  
China in Northeast Asia: Maintaining Order or Upsetting Order?
David Arase | Issue No. 21 | March 2018
The paper discusses the rising tension at each of the three main flashpoints in Northeast Asia, driven by China’s desire for a new China-centered order.
Financial Markets in China and India
U K Sinha Issue No. 22 March 2018
While India has a long history of functional capital markets, both China and India started market reforms process almost around the same time. But the size of the Chinese market is much bigger today than India’s.
Sino-Nepalese Engagements in the Himalayan Borderland
Diki Sherpa Issue No. 53 | Mar 2018
This paper assesses the competitive geopolitical interests that have converged and been advanced by infrastructure building in the Nepalese Himalayan borderland.
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Dalai Lama Snub & India-China ties
Alka Acharya
9 Mar 2018
Wang Huning: China’s Amit Shah
Jabin T. Jacob
13 Mar 2018
Will India turn its back on the Dalai Lama to appease China?
Tshering Chonzom
SCMP | 17  March 2018
Quoted - With Old China Hand Vijay Gokhale as Foreign Secretary, Is India Changing Its Tibet Policy?
Alka Acharya
News18 | 7  March 2018
What An Unlimited Xi Presidency in China Means for India
Jabin T Jacob 
SCMP | 11  March 2018
Recent Developments in the Korean Peninsula
Amb. Rakesh Sood and Amb. Vishnu Prakash
Wedneday Seminar|IIC| 18 April 2018 | 3 pm
China Factor in Bhutan
Amb. V P Haran
Wedneday Seminar|ICWA| 25 April 2018 | 3 pm
Workshop on Preparing Research for Publication
China Report: A Journal of East Asian Studies, in association with SNU and ICS 
Shiv Nadar University| 9-11 May 2018
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