The Islamic Revival and Muslim-to-State Relations in Modern and Contemporary China

Noriko Unno and Leila Cherif-Chebbi


Wednesday Seminar | 4 July

This session brought together historical and contemporary perspectives on Islamic revivalism in China and its links to both social and political change and trans-Asian intellectual trends. 


ICS @ AAS- in- ASIA: India's Policy Towards China in the Changing Global Context

Shyam Saran, Shivshankar Menon, Ashok Kantha, Jabin T. Jacob


Special Seminar | 6 July

The panel explored the changing dynamics of India-China relations in a fluid and uncertain international environment, characterised, inter alia, by intensification of strategic contestation with transition in the balance of power, concerns regarding China’s assertive actions and unpredictability associated with the US President’s policies.

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Workshop on Preparing Research for Publication

Organised by China Report in association with Shiv Nadar University and ICS


Writing Workshop | 9 July

The objective of the workshop was to hone the skills of researchers in preparing their work for publication. The workshop  focused on issues such as: the essentials of a good scholarly article; constructing an original argument; good research methodology, particularly in the context of writing about China and Asia; the style of writing suitable for scholarly work; reviewing the work of others; plagiarism; and proofreading, editing and revising an article.


Taiwan's New Southbound Policy: Importance for India and the Indo-Pacific Region

Bonnie Glaser, Derek Mitchell, Vinod C. Khanna, Kristy Hsu


Special Seminar | 16 July

The Seminar  discussed the opportunities and challenges of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy for India and surrounding area, identify trade and investment potential, and ways to boost people-to-people exchanges, among other issues.

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Weaving Chinese Characteristics into the African Growth Story

Veda Vaidyanathan


Wednesday Seminar | 18 July

The talk  navigated  layered relationships on the increased engagement of Chinese national and subnational actors in Africa and its place in the current global discourse using case studies, observations and experiences gathered on the ground in China and Africa.


The 1962 War in Tawang: A View from the Ground

Ajai Shukla


Wednesday Seminar | 25 July

The speaker recounted local perspectives of that war, drawing on a year of research in Arunachal Pradesh, during which he conducted numerous interviews with local people who witnessed the events of 1962.


Volume 54 | Issue 3 |  August 2018
The China Report is a refereed journal in the field of social sciences and international relations. It encourages free expression and discussion of different ideas and approaches which assist in better understanding China and its neighbours. It welcomes and offers a platform for original research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, in new and emerging areas, by scholars and research students. It seeks to promote analysis and vigorous debate on all aspects of Sino-Indian relations, India–China comparative studies and multilateral and bilateral initiatives and collaborations across Asia.
When Bose was in China!
Nirmola Sharma | Issue No:59 | June 2018
This article focuses on Bose's wartime China connections and attempts to bring to light two little unknown visits made by Shubash Chandra Bose to China during the war period.
The Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation Initiative: Assessment and Potential of Cooperation in the Himalayas
Naina Singh | Issue No. 23 | June 2018
This case study of Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative attempts to understand the role of participant states; China, India and Nepal in relation to local and global non-state actors around a natural and culturally constructed landscape.
The ICS Blog is a platform for an open dialogue that aims to inform and enlighten, especially young scholars and analysts on contemporary issues related to China and East Asia.
Trump Administration's Decision to Quit UNHCR: An Opportunity for China?
Fatima German
12 July
QESS What?: China's Advancements in Quantum Communications
Prarthana Basu
14 July
Book Review:Redfining Empress Dowager Cixi
Sharanya Menon
18 July


Post Shangri La Dialogue: Powerplay in the South China Sea
Saurav Sarkar
19 July
A China Gazer's Random Musings- No. 3
Kishan S. Rana
20 July
Building New Capital Cities: Amravati and Xiong'an
Ramya Kannan
30 July


Book Review: Manoranjan Mohanty, China's Transformation: The Success Story and the Success Trap
Anurag Viswanath
Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies | 15 July 2018
Book Review: The China Dossier
Shivshankar Menon
India Today | 27 July 2018
नज़रियाः भारत की परेशानी बढ़ी, चीन के साथ नजदीकी बढ़ा रहा है भूटान
Alka Acharya
BBC News | 26 July 2018
Trade wars are no longer about trade
Shyam Saran
Hindustan Times | 31 July 2018



Dying to Survive: Realism and Sensationalism
Hemant Adlakha
Special Lecture | 14 August | ICS | 3 pm
A Systemic Analysis of the State Council's Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan
Ravish Bhatia
Wednesday Seminar | 22 August | ICS | 3 pm
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