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Sino-Indian Cooperation in their Border Areas: Rationale, Challenges and Opportunities

Jabin T Jacob | Nov 2013

As Asia’s two most important powers and as neighbours, relations between China and India at their borders are just as important as their bilateral relations in other dimensions.


The BCIM Forum: Retrospect and Prospect

Patricia Uberoi | Nov 2013

The BCIM is an activity that is manifestly consistent with India’s Look-East Policy (LEP) and also with the long-term demand of India’s North Eastern Region (NER) for the opening of trade, connectivity and people-to-people contacts...


Chinese Manufacturers’ Response to ‘Trade Remedies’: From Dumping to Intelligent Trading

Aravind Yelery | Jul 2013

The Chinese manufacturing industry played a dynamic role in expanding limits of its geoeconomics. The trade relations and the economics behind it proved crucial to ascertain China’s global rise.

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