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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: India’s Options

Alok Ranjan | May 2015

In recent years, economic corridors have emerged as an important tool of regional cooperation and development in a globalised world.


India And China: An Agenda For Cooperation On Afghanistan

Srinjoy Bose | Oct 2014

The major strategic obstacle in formulating a bi-lateral (or multi-lateral) cooperation agenda on Afghanistan is the view that Beijing’s presence and interests in the Middle East outweigh their interests in Central Asia including, Afghanistan.


Composition, Intensity and Revealed Comparative Advantage in Sino-Indian Bilateral Trade: A Preliminary Study

Samar Tyagi | Sep 2014

India and China are arguably set to change the order of multilateral governance. Given their increasing economic size and population, the influence of China and India in global affairs is increasing.


Territory, Tribes, Turbines: Local Community perceptions and responses to Infrastructure Development along the Sino-Indian Border in Arunachal Pradesh

Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman | Jun 2014

Several infrastructure projects undertaken by New Delhi in Arunachal Pradesh have picked up pace in the past decade; these have been seen as a concerted effort to strengthen the war preparedness of the armed forces given that China contests India‘s claim


India–China Economic Relations: Trends, Challenges And Policy Options

Joe Thomas K. | Dec 2013

The study of India-China economic relations and an assessment of the countries’ future ties come with the additional task of engaging with a historicity marked both by centuries of peaceful coexistence and interchange of ideas, and war


China and the Cooperative Architecture in the South China Sea: Prospects and Problems

Sithara Fernando | Aug 2013

The signing of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) by China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries in November 2002 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia was a significant contribution to the cooperative arc


Comparing India and China’s Economic Performance since 1991

Manmohan Agarwal | Feb 2013

There is considerable analytical work comparing the economic performance of China and India to understand the growth processes in these economies.


Catalogue of Materials Related to Modern China in the National Archives of India Part One (Special Collections)

Madhavi Thampi and Nirmola Sharma | Jan 2013

Throughout much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the British colonial Government of India was closely involved with affairs pertaining to Britain’s engagement with China.


China’s Relations with the Indian Ocean Region:Combining Realist and Constructivist Perspectives

Sithara Fernando | Oct 2012

China is at present heavily dependent on Indian Ocean sea lanes for the import of energy and raw material needed to fuel its economic growth


ICS-IIC Roundtable on the Brookings Report “Addressing US China Strategic Distrust”

ICS | Jun 2012

‘Strategic Distrust’ coined by Wang and Lieberthal, is a new term and defined as mutual distrust of long-term, or ultimate intentions in the bilateral relationship.

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