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Acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina: Implications and Lessons for India

Alagu Perumal Ramasamy | Aug 2017

Syngenta, a Swiss seeds and pesticides manufacturing group, one of the largest in Europe and a world leader, is all set to be acquired by ChemChina, a Chinese state-owned enterprise for a record US$43 billion. One of the largest and boldest attempts to date by a Chinese firm to invest in a business abroad, it is believed to be part of China’s comprehensive strategy to ensure food security for its population in the age of climate change, shrinking and polluted open and ground water resources, degrading land quality and increasing demand for high protein foods.

Asia Business Council

China’s Global Internet Ambitions: Finding Roots in ASEAN

Dev Lewis | Jul 2017

Chinese Internet companies have bet big on the region through investments and partnerships with Southeast Asian companies in e-commerce, digital finance, gaming, and cloud computing, among other things. This paper presents a number of economic opportunities for the region to leapfrog stages in digital connectivity and technology but also poses political and strategic challenges to ASEAN that need to be acknowledged and addressed sooner rather than later


Exploring Trade and Investment Patterns of ASEAN in Africa: Are they limited by the Bigger Asian Powers?

Veda Vaidyanathan | Nov 2016

The pace at which economic partnerships have developed between countries in the ASEAN region and their counterparts in Africa in the past few decades have led to deliberations regarding the possibilities of an ASEAN-Africa model of cooperation. In addition to becoming one of the favoured destinations for FDI outflows from ASEAN, African countries have also become vital trading partners. While most of the initial investments were focused on the energy sector, with time the portfolios have steadily diversified into financial services, telecommunications, shipping, water sanitation and infrastructure among others.

Beijing Review

China’s Maritime Silk Route and Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum: Complements and Contradictions

Sanjeevan Pradhan | Sep 2016

In many respects China’s Maritime Silk Road and Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum complement each other. Both are also an attempt to revive what each perceives as their glorious maritime past. The Chinese have been quick to seek convergence with the Indonesians on the two plans. There are, nevertheless, several areas where the two sides are at odds including not least about territorial limits in the South China Sea. There have been confrontations between fishing and coast guard ships of the two sides and these incidents underline the difficulties of cooperation.

IPP Review

China, US and Rebalancing towards Southeast Asia: The Case of Multilateral Regional Arrangements in the Region

Renu Rana | Aug 2016

The recent developments in the Southeast Asian region, namely the establishment of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Community and the first ever ASEAN-US Leaders Summit in United States (US) have been the focus of attention in the international forum. The study of the contest for influence in the region has become more significant in the light of its ever increasing economic significance and the due to its geopolitics.


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: India’s Options

Alok Ranjan | May 2015

In recent years, economic corridors have emerged as an important tool of regional cooperation and development in a globalised world.


India And China: An Agenda For Cooperation On Afghanistan

Srinjoy Bose | Oct 2014

The major strategic obstacle in formulating a bi-lateral (or multi-lateral) cooperation agenda on Afghanistan is the view that Beijing’s presence and interests in the Middle East outweigh their interests in Central Asia including, Afghanistan.


Composition, Intensity and Revealed Comparative Advantage in Sino-Indian Bilateral Trade: A Preliminary Study

Samar Tyagi | Sep 2014

India and China are arguably set to change the order of multilateral governance. Given their increasing economic size and population, the influence of China and India in global affairs is increasing.


Territory, Tribes, Turbines: Local Community perceptions and responses to Infrastructure Development along the Sino-Indian Border in Arunachal Pradesh

Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman | Jun 2014

Several infrastructure projects undertaken by New Delhi in Arunachal Pradesh have picked up pace in the past decade; these have been seen as a concerted effort to strengthen the war preparedness of the armed forces given that China contests India‘s claim


India–China Economic Relations: Trends, Challenges And Policy Options

Joe Thomas K. | Dec 2013

The study of India-China economic relations and an assessment of the countries’ future ties come with the additional task of engaging with a historicity marked both by centuries of peaceful coexistence and interchange of ideas, and war

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