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The Belt and Road Initiative in the Post-Covid-19 World

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries around the world to rethink their investments and partnerships, faced with restarting their economies and protecting their citizens.

Deciphering India's dependency on Chinese imports

Reducing dependency on imports from China has emerged as a national policy objective for India in 2020. This paper presents a framework that can support decision making in this direction and some techniques to monitor India’s progress in this journey.

India’s View on Growing Chinese Engagement in Bangladesh

China’s growing engagement with Bangladesh has necessitated a reflection on how India views Beijing’s growing influence in a region India considers within its sphere of influence. With the advent of the Belt and Road initiative, China has steadily emerged as an important player in South Asia and..

Sino-Japanese Relations: Forced Engagement or Healthy Rivalry?

The relations between the People’s Republic of China and Japan are one of the most sophisticated and important relations in the contemporary world. Both states, at present, are the world’s secon and thirdlargest economies and bilateral trade between them well exceeds above US $300 billion.

Covid-19 and the Communist Party of China’s Governance Crisis

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Wuhan and subsequent spread to other countries, has challenged China’s model of governance. The Communist Party of China (CPC or CCP), which proclaims itself as a ‘ruling’ or ‘governing’ party, a transition from its revolutionary..

Sino-Indian Border Dispute: Explained in Constructivist Paradigm

The intractable Sino-India border dispute has been persistently affecting the India-China bilateral relations. The latest skirmishes at the Galwan valley testify that. While several attempts have been made. to comprehend as well as resolve the dispute, it becomes pertinent to examine the trajectories, and go beyond a limited approach. This paper therefore analyzes the border dispute and patterns of incursions, standoffs, within a constructivist prescriptive framework. By comparing and critically analyzing the scholarly works on the dispute in the last decade through a constructivist paradigmatic optic together with an update of more recent developments at the border, this paper will contribute to the existing literature by giving a much ignored theoretical direction to the discussion on Sino-India border dispute.

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