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Vinod C Khanna (b. 1939) is a former Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies. As a member of the Indian Foreign Service, he was India's Ambassador to Cuba, Indonesia, and Bhutan. During his diplomatic career he handled several responsibilities relating to Sino-Indian relations. After his retirement he served as  the first Head of the India Taipei Association which looks after India's interests in Taiwan. He was educated at Bombay and Oxford, and has been associated with Harvard University as a Fellow and the University of Delhi as a Visiting Ambassador.

He is a founder member of the China Study Group and has been a member of the Editorial Board of China Report. He has co-authored Ramayana in Indonesia and India and China: The Way Ahead.

A Study of Colonial India’s Border Making Project vis-à-vis China ( 1890-1947)
14 Sep 2020

This Occasional Paper is based on a research project which looked at various aspects of how the British colonial rulers addressed the issue of defining India’s border with China from 1890 to their departure in 1947.

Review: Of Dissent, Independence Movements and the Fight for Identity by Minority Societies in China
15 Feb 2018

Drawing liberally from Chinese sources, Debashish Chaudhuri’s book is a noteworthy event in the annals of Chinese studies in India.


Areas of interest

Chinese foreign policy; traditional cultural interactions between India and Southeast Asia


Current Positions

    Emeritus Fellow

Past Positions


    Visiting Professor, Delhi University

    Director, ICS


    University of Bombay

    Harvard University

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