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Uday Khanapurkar was a Research Assistant at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. He has completed his B.Sc in Economics (Hons.) from the Symbiosis School of Economics situated in Pune. While his academic endeavour has been in the field of economics, he aims to segue into the fields of International Relations and establish a career in academia therein. His areas of interest are geoeconomics, the nexus between economic interdependence and conflict and great power competition in the maritime domain. He authored an undergraduate dissertation entitled Peace in a Globalised Asia: 'The Relation Between China’s Conflictual Behaviour and Levels of Intra-Industry Trade, 2002-2010'. He is also the author of a book entitled 'The Pursuit of Prosperity: Exploring China’s Economic Dependence on India as a Deterrent to Conflict', written for the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) and published by KW Publishers, New Delhi. 

The Rising Tide of Technological Denial against China
20 Jun 2019
The Rising Tide of Technological Denial against China

This essay gauges the degree of disaffection that has surfaced across the developed world towards China’s various methods of technology acquisition and provides an overview of the emerging technology denial strategies.

China-US: A Trade War of Attrition?
31 May 2019

On 10 May, 2019, the Trump administration raised tariffs on USD 200 billion worth of imports from China.

China’s Impending Economic Slowdown is a Mixed Bag for Africa
01 May 2019

China’s impending economic slowdown promises to send shockwaves through the world’s economies and is compelling them to assess exposure and explore mitigation strategies.

Measuring The True Health of the India-China Trade Relationship
26 Apr 2019

India’s trade deficit with China, an element of the bilateral relationship that inspires substantial animosity in New Delhi, is stirring up a controversy yet again.

Can India Use Boycotts to Pressure China on Terror?
13 Mar 2019

Ultimately, an Indian boycott of Chinese imports is neither feasible, nor effective, nor efficient.

As China’s Economy Continues to Slow, Stimulus Rears Its Head
05 Mar 2019

After more bad economic news, China’s commitment to deleveraging comes under pressure.

China’s Dour Economic Data
01 Feb 2019

China’s economy is in for a rough patch. The response from its leaders will have profound consequences.

Can China’s Economy Weather a Contraction in Manufacturing Activity?
09 Jan 2019

Beware an overreliance on manufacturing data when forecasting China’s economic health.

Why Canada Will Bear the Brunt of the American War on Huawei
28 Dec 2018

The Canadian arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou came at the request of the U.S., but Canada is likely to be the biggest loser.

A Componential Analysis of the Impact of a Trade War on China’s Economic Growth
20 Dec 2018

This paper performs an evaluation of the impact of these contestations on the main components of China’s economic growth across the short and long run.


Areas of interest

Geoeconomics, the nexus between economic interdependence and conflict and great power competition in the maritime domain.


Current Positions

Past Positions

    Research Assistant, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.

    Research Intern, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.


    B.Sc Economics (Hons.), Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune

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