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Srinjoy Bose is a Prime Minister’s Australia-Asia Endeavour Scholar at theAustralian National University. He is presently working on his Doctoral thesis which investigates contentious state-society relations in Afghanistan, with particular emphasis on concepts of legitimacy, norms and law, and how they affect the ongoing state-building enterprise. Srinjoy’s intellectual pursuits
include state-society relations, state-building in post-conflict and weak states, post-conflict transition, war-termination, and, ethics in IR, in particular, concepts of justice and humanitarian intervention. He is a Political Science graduate from the University of Otago (Hons. First Class) and National University of Singapore (M.Soc.Sc), and was a researcher with the Institute of
Peace and Conflict Studies (New Delhi).

India And China: An Agenda For Cooperation On Afghanistan
24 Oct 2014

The major strategic obstacle in formulating a bi-lateral (or multi-lateral) cooperation agenda on Afghanistan is the view that Beijing’s presence and interests in the Middle East outweigh their interests in Central Asia including, Afghanistan.


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