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Santosh Pai, has been offering legal services to clients in the India-China corridor since 2010. His areas of interest include Chinese investments in India, India-China comparative law and policy, cross-cultural negotiations and board governance. He holds a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) degree from NLSIU, Bangalore, LL.M. (Chinese law) from Tsinghua University, Beijing and an MBA from Vlerick University, Belgium (Peking University campus). His manuscript "Practical Guide on Investing in India for Chinese investors" has been translated into Chinese and published by China Law Press. Santosh is currently a partner at Link Legal, an Indian law firm. He is a member of CII's Core Group on China, teaches two courses on India-China business at IIM Shillong and volunteers at NGOs in his free time. 

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India and China first set themselves the target of $100 billion for bilateral trade in 2010 when trade volume stood at $60 billion

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26 Apr 2021

There are vast dissimilarities between the design and performance of FDI policies in India and China. While China witnessed consistent growth in FDI inflows since 1978, a post-COVID19 downtrend is expected due to a desire for diversification in global value chains.

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How is legal tender issued by the central bank different from payments guaranteed by a third-party operator?

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Deciphering India's dependency on Chinese imports
26 Oct 2020

Reducing dependency on imports from China has emerged as a national policy objective for India in 2020. This paper presents a framework that can support decision making in this direction and some techniques to monitor India’s progress in this journey.

Chinese investments: Switching to the stealth mode
15 Sep 2020

Instead of focusing on beneficial ownership, India can insist on residents retaining control

Opinion | Beware! If Foreign Companies Dominate Every Indian Sector, Self-Reliance Can Go For A Toss
15 Jun 2020

China offers an exceptional model to demonstrate how FDI can be attracted and retained. India can learn from them, writes Santosh Pai of Institute of Chinese Studies.

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11 Jun 2020

Can India Bear 'China Boycott' Call?: Experts On India Today Share Insights

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03 Jun 2020

Will Buying Only India-Made Goods Really Save The Indian Economy?

FDI from China: Scrutiny is Fine, Blanket-Ban may Hit Investment Hard
21 Apr 2020

The Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre revised India's foreign direct investment policy to curb “opportunistic takeovers or acquisition” of Indian companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic on April 18, 2020.

New FDI rules may have unintended effects
18 Apr 2020

Masking in glory: An incremental purchase of shares in HDFC by the People’s Bank of China made news, recently. reuters

China’s Post COVID-19 Path to Normalcy: Parallels for India
07 Apr 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on each country’s economy is a complex function of numerous factors. Relevant factors include extent of disruption caused by lockdown, financial health of enterprises and pattern of industrialisation. The response of each national government is a function of its financial strength, type of political

China’s New FDI Law: Reform or Retaliation
10 Dec 2019

The Foreign Investment Law (FIL) was the most significant legislation approved by China’s National People’s Congress in its March 2019 session. It repeals three existing laws that have served as pillars of the FDI regime for almost four decades

Areas of interest

Chinese investments in India, India-China comparative law and policy, cross-cultural negotiations and board governance


Current Positions

    Honorary Fellow

Past Positions

    Partner at Link Legal


    B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) degree from NLSIU, Bangalore,

    LL.M. (Chinese law) from Tsinghua University, Beijing and

    MBA from Vlerick University, Belgium (Peking University campus)

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