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Ravi Bhoothalingam, is an Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. His interests lie in the Chinese economy, history, and Confucianism. Mr. Bhoothalingam holds a B.Sc Hons in Physics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and an M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, United Kingdom. He has also pursued an Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School. Under the mentorship of renowned scientist and sinologist Joseph Needham, Mr. Bhoothalingam received specialized training in psycholinguistics, scientific Method, and Chinese culture. Throughout his career, Mr. Bhoothalingam has held prominent leadership positions in various fields both in India and abroad. He has served as the President of The Oberoi Group of Hotels, the Head of Personnel Worldwide with BAT plc in London, the Managing Director of VST Industries Ltd. in Hyderabad, and the Director of ITC Ltd. in Kolkata. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise as an independent director on several corporate boards and as a member of the Court of Governors of the Administrative Staff College of India. Mr. Bhoothalingam played the role of moderator at the Aspen Leadership Seminars in India, organised by the Aspen Institute, Colorado, USA. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London, and actively participates in the China Core Group of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Mr. Bhoothalingam is also the Founder and Chairman of Manas Advisory, which focuses on top management coaching, integrating psychological science with on-ground management experience. He has written extensively about how the application of science and psychology can enhance understanding between India and China.

Churchill Question
23 Feb 2023

From the 1920s onwards, Churchill was firm - even quixotic - in opposing any proposal resembling genuine self-rule for India

The Martians Respond to Earth’s Geopolitics: A Science Fiction Allegory
30 Apr 2022

Two hundred years earlier, the Martians had found that the water sources and canals on the surface of their planet had started drying up. But the Martian polity—divided by ethnicity, race and tribe

Wanted: A Nuanced Strategy to Engage With China
27 Feb 2021

In 2016, as Donald Trump was campaigning for the US election, one priority was to “start reversing” the US trade deficit with China.

What Future for India-China Economic Relations?
12 Jul 2020

India today faces a ‘triple whammy’: the Covid crisis, the economic downturn and the China challenge. To confront these issues and emerge successful will require a massive and well-considered effort of national mobilisation. The key driver has to be the economic front; only the enhancement of India's

India-China-Russia Foreign Ministers meeting
24 Jun 2020

Dr Jabin Jacob and Mr. Ravi Bhootalingam in conversation with C Uday Bhaskar about the latest political developments relating to the troubled India-China dynamics.

The discontents of decoupling
20 Jun 2020

Economic delinking with China makes no sense for India; investment, growth and public welfare will suffer.

India-China Relations Post Covid
18 May 2020

Here's how COVID will further complicate the emotionally complex India-China relationship

Coronavirus and the Mandate of Heaven
12 Mar 2020

Should not civilised societies prioritise human security which includes - but is not limited to - national security? Ravi Bhoothalingam

India and China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Turning Point?
10 May 2019

Breaking down India's existential issues regarding the BRI.

A Plan for deeper India-China engagement
18 Apr 2019

Over the years, India has persistently run a bilateral trade deficit with China. Would not all-round economic engagement between China and India be in the mutual interest of both nations?

Is a New Avatar of China's BRI on the Cards?
16 Apr 2019

If a more inclusive and flexible BRI emerges out of the second Forum, it could be an opportunity to re-imagine South Asia.

What Chess and 'Go' Tell Us About India and China’s Strategic Thinking
19 Dec 2018

Does the game we play influence the way we think? Or does the way we think cause us to choose our preferred game?

Can we have our cake and eat it too?
31 Oct 2018

What the trade war might offer for India-China economic engagement

China Must Slow Down and Change Lanes With the Belt and Road Initiative
20 Sep 2018

An unholy combination of unquestioning fervour of Chinese bureaucrats in implementing Xi Jinping’s BRI, poor diligence on all sides in project feasibility and allegations...

Why Does India’s ‘Act East’ Policy Not Extend to China?
03 Oct 2017

Does the wide linguistic gulf between India and China indicate that the two countries are doomed to live in a state of eternal contention?

India and China: Compete and cooperate
02 May 2017

With a change in mindset, the two countries can carry out both in tandem. Are we bold enough?

Why China matters
01 May 2017

The author explains why a Sinophobic public climate can damage our own public interest

Statecraft vs. Surgical Strikes...
05 Nov 2016

What Kautilya Tells Us About India-Pakistan Relations

One-Belt-One-Road – to Join or Not to Join?
14 Jun 2016

India has to improve its connectivity with growth markets and link into Asia’s production and supply chains.

The India-China gap
30 Apr 2016

As ties between the two countries deepen, our capabilities to manage disputes will increase.

Entering the matrix
06 Nov 2015


The Silk Road as a global brand
24 May 2015

The joint statement issued at the conclusion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to China had one significant omission...

Modi’s Gifts from China
17 May 2015

Asian Age

Can the Chinese Speed India's Development?
09 May 2015

Will the various Silk Roads proposed by China … offer India beneficial ways to engage with China and the world?


Areas of interest

Industry, trade and management,Travel and tourism, Confucian philosophy, Chinese culture, Tibet, Mongolia, Myanmar


Current Positions

    • Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.
    • Member, Joint Study Group (India) BCIM Economic Corridor
    • Founder and Chairman of Manas Advisory



    • MA, Pshchology, Cambridge University
    • BA, Physics, St. Stephens College, Delhi University


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