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Neha mishra is a Research Intern at the Institute of Chinese Studies. She is doing M.Phil in Political science from University of Delhi. Her research interest revolves around the India- China geopolitical and geostrategic equations. She is working on India- China Geo-economic competition in Persian Gulf for her M.Phil dissertation.Besides this, She is working as a Co-writer at Nibbling Nuts academic Blog page-

Abating India-Iran Chabahar Partnership: Prospective Leverage for China
30 Nov 2020

Economic Corridor construction has become a new geostrategy for trade facilitation as well as economic expansion. The importance of Economic corridor concept developed mainly with the success of Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) transport connectivity.

Areas of interest

India-China geopolitical and geostrategic equations


Current Positions

    Research Intern at the Institute of Chinese Studie


    Persuing M.Phil in Political science, University of Delhi

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