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Minakshi Biswas is a PhD Scholar from Centre for Political Studies, JNU. Her PhD topic is ‘Care for the Elderly and Terminally Ill: Issues and Policies in India’. At present she is in the phase of data collection for her PhD. She is also teaching Political Science as an Assistant Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, G D Goenka University. She has pursued both her post-graduation and MPhil in Political Science from Centre for Political Studies, JNU. Her areas of research since MPhil have mainly reflected concerns on the issues of right to die, euthanasia and living with dignity debate in India. She has quite a few publications to her credit and has also presented several papers in both international and national conferences. 


Areas of interest

political philosophy and bio politics


Current Positions

Past Positions

    Research Assistant, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.


    • Pursuing Ph. D in Political Science, Centre for Political Science, JNU, New Delhi, 2015
    • M.Phil Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi, 2015
    • MA in Political Science from Centre for Political Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2012
    • BA (Political Hons), St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata, 2010

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