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John Jojin has recently submitted PhD thesis at Centre for East Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. His previous positions include, Korea Foundation Fellow at Center for International Studies, Seoul National University, 2012 and Research Fellow at the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul during 2010-11. Currently he is engaged in a project on the 'New Dimensions of South Korean Foreign Policy'.

South Korea–China Relations and the Northeast Asian Strategic Puzzle
11 Jul 2014

The Northeast Asian strategic order is undergoing a critical phase. The long held US– Japan–South Korea (ROK) security alliance is challenged by strained ROK–Japan relations and growing ROK–China relations vis-à-vis competition between US and China for in

India-South Korea Strategic Partnership: An Assessment
06 Feb 2014

India and the Republic of Korea (henceforth Korea) officially announced a bilateral strategic partnership in 2010.

Areas of interest

Foreign Policy Analysis, IR Theory, International Relations in East Asia, Korean Foreign Policy, India-Korea Relations


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