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Jayshree Borah was a Research Assistant at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. She worked on various projects related to foreign policy and diplomacy at the Institute such as 'India-China Database with Reference to the Boundary Dispute', ‘The Diplomacy of India & China: Content, Capacity and Methods’ etc. Her areas of interests are Chinese politics, foreign policy and ideology, leadership, and India-China comparison.

Analyzing China’s Mediator Role in MENA - More than Just a Global Responsibility?
05 Jun 2020

Most of the literature on China’s relations with Middle East begins and ends with oil. As cited by Nigel Thalakada, China is pursuing a 'maxi-mini' strategy, maximizing its security and economic benefits while minimizing its responsibilities. China's insistent urge for peaceful political settlements to ..

India and Asian Leadership
08 May 2015

The Diplomat, 8 May 2015

India and Asian Leadership
08 May 2015

Sixty years ago, India was at the forefront of efforts to create a new world order. Times have changed.

Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power
01 Feb 2015

China Report, February 2015; 51 (1)

The International Ambitions of Mao and Nehru, National Efficacy Beliefs and the Making of Foreign Policy
01 Nov 2014

By Andrew Bingham Kennedy in China Report, published by Sage Publications, November 2013 49: 444-447



Current Positions

Past Positions

    Research Assistant, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.

    Research Intern, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi, (May 2013-March 2014)


    • M.Phil. Chinese Studies, Dept. of East Asian Studies, Delhi University
    • MA. Political Science, Dept. of Political Science, Delhi University

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